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Ancient Cash: just what the domain name implies, photos of ancient coins (they didn’t have paper money back then).


Pencil Revolution: pencil-themed blog. Oy.

Code Fetch: Google for source code. If you can’t think of anything to search for, try “foo.”

Language Corner: in hog heaven, I am.

Whitewash City: not just a city on paper, but a city of paper. It’s a complete town from the Old West just waiting to be printed. {via}


Great Streets: drive to make downtown streets more pedestrian-friendly (with a healthy dose of nostalgia thrown in as well).

Charity Navigator: check out the charity you support.

Mr. Chips Tees: there’s some really good ones there. I like “Assassins Do It From Behind”.


I Hate Cilantro: who doesn’t! That foul weed does not belong in food.

Broodwear: another promising t-shirt shop. Two shirts at present and they’re both pretty good.

Things in Rubbers: no, not those things. Things in general.

A Piece of Shirt: fledgling t-shirt shop that looks promising.


MSN Beta: they had a placeholder version up there not too long ago but took it down since it clearly wasn’t meant to see the light of day. {via}

Try Out Windows Vista: or don’t. {via


Prangsgrüp: ooo, new video from the awesome improv troupe.

And the Bride Wore…: weddings do inspire some odd decisions.

Login to Me: ho hum, lots of not-so-subtle innuendo and things that might have been clever if this was the first t-shirt shop I’d been exposed to.

Last Night’s Party: it’s amazing how similar all of the parties are. The women all look about the same, the men do too, and they’re all doing about the same sort of drunken activities. Oh, and it’s totally NSFW.

Vagina Arts and Crafts: including such projects as the vulva coin purse and stirrup cozies.

Homer Simpson Portrait: what Homer might look like if he were real. Also check out the Christopher Walken one.

Bullshit Deflector: PDF cutout for covering your ears. It was worn by a veteran at a Bush rally.

The Fantasy Criminal League: with the confluence between football and crime, this is a natural extension.

Jas. Townsend and Son, Inc.: serving all your historical reproduction needs.


Opus Table Football: that is one sweet looking foosball table!


North Korean Insult Generator: “You extra-large bloodsucker, you will be dealt a thousandfold retaliatory blow!” {via}

Instructables: sharing do-it-yourself projects ranging from spicy blackened flounder to a 3-D chocolate printer made from LEGO. {via}

The Anti-Sit Archives: wow, what does New York City have against resting your rump? I’ve never seen anything like this anywhere. {via}

101 Reasons Why Captain Picard is Better than Captain Kirk: “48. If poor judgement were bricks, Kirk would be a housing project.”


Amazon Shorts: 49¢ short stories and essays of all sorts. Is this the fabled micropayments for content? {via}

Chocolate Fountain: at only $161, this is an absolute steal. {via}

Uni-Ball Signo Bit 0.18 mm: the closest I’ve ever come to this before are my lovely Uni-Ball Signo RT Gels at 0.38 mm, so I’m pretty jazzed about these pens. Except that about 5 of the 8 colors are of no use to me. {via}

Google Earth, Google Moon, and Beyond?: can’t accuse Google of not thinking big, that’s for sure., surprisingly, is still up for grabs.

Office Space WAV Files: listen to the good parts.

Geek Squad Prank Calls: messing with the Geek Squad’s head.

Magnetic Ribbons: like Support Our Ribbons. I like the “Support The Magnetic Ribbon Industry” one.

Starship Dimensions: my vessel’s bigger than your vessel.

YPL Insensitivity Cards: hilarious e-cards for those occasions that Hallmark overlooked. go on down fer a swim at the waterin’ hole. {via}

This entry marks another milestone in the history of Found on the Web. This is the 2,000th entry! What started out as a funny little adjunct to my retail ceramic studio’s web site has blossomed into a huge resource of interesting things. In case you hadn’t noticed from the rest of the site, I’m not big on pomp and circumstance so I don’t really know how to commemorate the occasion. Uhh, thanks for reading. I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing.


Union Pacific Photo Gallery: awesome resource with tons of photographs from the building of the transcontinental railroad.

My Sweet Pee: the latest in a astonishingly crowded market. {via}

Mascot Hall of Fame: uhh, this is unsettling for some reason. {via}

Railroad Radio: like listening to a police scanner except that it’s all about trains. {via}

Hawking Wireless-G Network Camera: this is one sweet little video camera for only $95. {via}

iKeyInfinity: kind of like the Optimus keyboard, only closer to production and not as cool. {via}

Museum of Modern Robocop Art: one man using ArtPad to fulfill his passion for drawing Robocop. Do you think this sort of thing was going on before the World Wide Web? {via}

Fetus Soap on a Rope: it is for things like this that the WTF category was created. {via}


Irongeek’s GUI HP Printer Display Hack: I used to do this at my last job, but it wasn’t as easy.

Toygers: domesticated cats bred to resemble tigers. Wha?!

Screenshots of Failed Dot-Coms: the farewell pages of hundreds of dot-coms that didn’t make it.

Monobrow: celebrating the single eyebrow.

An Explanation of l33t Speak: finally, the kiddiez can start using proper l33t grammer.

Gorilla T-Shirt: wow, those are some really distasteful shirts. Sadly, I see people wearing these sorts of shirts in public all too often.

Pontiac Solstice Roadster: it’s like the BMW Z4 for the rest of us. {via}

STVP Educators Corner: video presentations by some great entrepreneurs. {via}


Fun with HTTP Headers: these are awesome! I definitely have not been playing with my headers enough. I especially like the example of someone putting a job posting in the HTML source.

Feeds are the New RSS: as a publisher, I concur. You won’t see the word RSS anywhere here. Well, except about six words ago.

Resign Patterns: anti-patterns from the business world.

Stick Figure Ninja Does “Weapon of Choice”: sorry but it’s crap without Walken. {via}

Be Jaws: take on the role of Bruce in this Flash-based game. {via}

Acme Klein Bottle: hand-blown glass versions of Klein bottles. {via}


ProtoPage: sweet Ajax-enabled start (or home) page for your browser. I’m definitely going to enjoy using it until they realize that there’s no real way to make money off of it. (Or they realize that they can charge users to store their start pages and then find that their user base implodes on itself.)

Weather Bonk: Google Weather Maps: useful mashup between Google Maps and {via}

Google-Yahoo Traffic-Weather Maps: the best of three worlds. Awesome! {via}

ACME License Maker: roll your own license plate graphic from any state from many different eras.


Useless Skills: sorry for the popup, folks. It’s a portal to the world of wasting time. (Okay, it’s a small portal.) {via}

The Simpsons Season 6 Alternative Packaging Program: it is completely different from previous seasons’ packaging. {via}

TPS Report: a PDF version of the infamous document from Office Space.

Hasselhoff Compendium: a collection of Hoff-related images from around the Web. If you like this stuff, you’ll love this one.

Slang City: a modern-day Mencken? Nah.

Totally Useless Office Skills: a new one every day.


National Underwear Day: it was August 10th?! They should really mark this in calendars if they hope for me to participate.

The Official How It Should Have Ended Website: re-imagining the end.

What WERE They Thinking?: blogging about the odd comics of yesteryear through insinuations for the modern reader.

Anonymous Employee: gripe anonymously. Your employer can review your concerns. Favorite line: “If you have an issue with a spouse, coworker, employer, or even a family member, you can use our system to help.” I think the anonymity might break down at the spousal level.

Christopher Walken in 2008: the State of the Union speeches would score higher ratings, but he’s no Ronald Reagan.


Complaint from Seat 29E: I’d upgrade if I were him. {via}

Conan O’Brien vs. Bear: who would win? The viewers. {via}

The Trump Blog: it’s gonna be huge and it’s gonna be classy. It’ll be the biggest blog ever. It seems tailor-made for those that just can’t get enough of Trump waiting for his ghost writers to churn out more pabulum. My boss’ blog can beat up their boss’ blog. {via}

Bumvertising: it was bound to come to this. If you’re willing to pay people to stand on a street corner and wave around a sign, it’s not a far leap to pay a homeless guy. I mean, subcontractor. {via}

View from Satellite: I’m pretty sure that this isn’t real-time. It’s more of an estimated view based on past photographs.

How To Type With One Hand: I’m pretty sure it’s not for what you’re thinking.

eBay Feedback Generator: this feature would have helped me with a recent spat.

Business Cards from the Star Wars Universe: funny, but not as funny (or obscure) as the Star Trek ones.

Spidey Kicks Butt: “your no. 1 source on the web for in-depth essays and commentary on the amazing Spider-Man.” I didn’t do a lot of checking, but it looks like they’re not engaging in hyperbole.

“GTA Made Me Do It”: funny and topical.

Test Tube T-Shirts: there’s not too much there right now, but that’ll likely change if you go buy stuff. What’s there is hilarious: “Resistance is Futile” and “I find your lack of capacitance disturbing” are certainly good starts.

John Galt Gifts: cool Objectivist wear. This decal is easily the most obscure thing there, though “Vote No on Directive 10-289” t-shirt is awfully close.


Secret Masonic Handshakes: piss off a Mason today. {via}

Google Mini Customers Map: this is a cool little use of Google Maps. Click on any of their customers and you get the testimonial and some information about them.

How to write a novel in 100 days or less: intriguing idea. I’ve got a novel in me, but I’ve also got a business, an encyclopedia, and a business book in there too.

BlackDog: a full-featured Linux server for the palm of your hand. Powered entirely through USB, it also includes a fingerprint scanner. Don’t know what you’d use it for, which is probably why they’re holding a contest to build apps for it.

Latrinalia: a study of bathroom graffiti.

The Moggy Horde’s Silly Sleeping Pose Olympics!: cats sleep in the oddest positions. do people actually use these types of sites? If so, that doesn’t bode well for humanity.

The Home of Mathematical Knitting: knit your own Möbius strips, Klein bottles, and projective planes.

The Vertical Farm Project: farming skyscrapers. I think the basic idea is interesting, even though the FUD surrounding it are detestable.

How to Find a Great Domain Name: he lists a couple of ways that I hadn’t thought of. Once you do find the perfect domain name, register it with Go Daddy.


Fantasy Fashion League: fantasy football is hard.

8/9/2005 federal clearinghouse for geospatial data.