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Robot Cow: there’s some good ones in there.

Bored at Work: he’s bored at work so he makes things, lots of things. {via}


Non-Zero Chance: cool t-shirts, including “I’m not your damn search engine” and “I don’t like your ringtone”.

Yamaha Papercraft: downloadable, printable paper animals etc. from Yamaha Motors. {via}


I was raped by my dyson: from the sounds of it, this won’t become a frequent calamity.

Abercrombie & Fitch Tees: for men, for women. Expensive.

The Aristocrats Joke: very famous dirty joke that I don’t get.

[UPDATE: Oh, I understand it now. Still don’t think it’s funny.]

Eating Puppets for Babies: I question how valuable marine biology is to a “baby” but the idea’s funny enough. {via}

Bouncy Balls: 100,000 super balls dropped down a San Francisco, California street for a commercial. Here’s the remaining pictures: here they go, bouncing down the street; get the funniest looks from, everyone they meet.

Team Naked Ferrets!: for all you triathletes out there—definitely not me.

Dumbeldore Dies on Page 596: an awesome t-shirt from T-Shirt Hell. I’m still chuckling.

Reckon: t-shirts with famous faces on them. My favorites are the Christopher Walken and Bill Murray ones, but I think the Buster Keaton shirt would be a nice obscure one as well.

Freakshop: huge t-shirt shop with reasonable pricing.

7/28/2005 I <3 the “I ج Unicode” shirt. {via}

Virtual Earth and Google Maps: let’s you see the same location on both mapping products simultaneously. It makes the superior product quite clear.

Blackbird Spotting: Google Maps mashup with SR-71 Blackbird plane locations. Again, the terrorists are probably going to use this information to crash them into skyscrapers. Can you imagine what Mach 3.2 would do to the Empire State Building? Maybe we should get the TSA to screen pilots and passengers on the SR-71s to make sure they’re not terrorists. Just thinkin’ here.

Spacecraft Tracking: Google Maps mashup showing the location of the space shuttle Discovery and the International Space Station. Uh oh, now the terrorists know where they are! Better shut this site down.


I Am Fucking Terrified: the terrorists have won.

Trippin Trees: these are some great t-shirts.

Fellowes Partition Additions: great cubicle accessories that fill the needs that modular office designers didn’t envision. {via}

Mr. P Keychain: ugh, tasteless keychain. {via}

Mr. Suicide Bathtub Plug: if only I didn’t have those modern, integrated plugs. {via}

The Lost City: pictures of artifacts. Hard to pin down, but the pictures are lovely.


Cell Phone Tower Search: integration of Google Maps with the FCC’s cell phone tower registry. I haven’t seen such integration with Yahoo’s supposedly better Maps API.

Pets in Clothes: awww, aren’t they precious!

OfficeGuns: when Nerf is outlawed, this is what happens.


Japanese for the Western Brain: ooo, I need this when I start learning Japanese again.

Virtual Street Reality: wow, that is simply amazing chalkwork. Suck that, Bert!

Mescal: Old Tucson Studios production site. I’ve been to Old Tucson Studios (it was awesome), but a trip to Mescal would have been much better. Definitely check out the photos section.

Hamilton County Ghost Towns and Settlements: Iowa ghost towns. I’m a sucker for these things and I have to remember sometimes that they’re not exclusive to the West and Southwest.

Origami Naked Mole Rat: in 19 steps.

MSN Virtual Earth: wow, it’s like Google Maps only suckier. Complaints: 1) the icon to show a location is huge in the default zoom, completely obscuring my house; 2) the highest zoom isn’t as good a resolution as on Google Maps, which is also in color; 3) the aerial photo view of my house shows nothing but dirt, which isn’t a big deal if my house weren’t built in 1997; and 4) what’s with all the crappy overlays that, while easily dismissed, are obtrusive. Compliment: the scroll wheel zoom feature is awesome!

[UPDATE (7/26/2005): Wow, the World Trade Center is still there over at MSN Virtual Earth. As a historian, I can appreciate this relic. As a consumer, wouldn’t touch it with a cattle prod.]


Dive into Schwag: one shirt style, but a funny one.

Paul Reubens Day: in San Francisco, natch.


Overheard in the Office: comedy gold. Scott Adams, here’s your free source material. {via}

Google Maps Hybrid Edition: map information superimposed on the satellite view. That is frickin’ awesome! {via}

Octopus Truth: the fact or fiction page is particularly edifying. There’s also a guide to telling the difference between an octopus and a dolphin, if you’re having trouble with that.

World’s Tallest Virtual Building: oh brother.

Evil on a Budget: not all evil villains are independently wealthy.

10 Signs You May Have Webular Standarditis: I’ve got a few of these symptoms.

A Beginners Guide to Computer Hardware: if you want to learn about computers, this is one place to avoid.


Techniques To Manage Procrastination: I should probably get back to work.

XO Private: expensive trips and experiences.

My Life as a…Gas Station Attendant: let’s see, that makes waiters, cooks, and bouncers. What service job is next? McDonald’s grill worker? Janitors? Scratch that last one.

The Woo-Woo Credo: how to be a woo-woo, which is a word that I can’t adequately define. Context suggests “gullible sucker” but I’m not sure.

Bad Astronomy: it sounds like a band name, but this site deals with questionable astronomy found in our culture.


Indy Gear: the clothes make the archaeologist, I guess.

Teddy: Pictures of Matt’s Giant Gummy Bear: 13 pounds of Gummi goodness. My head aches just thinking about it. {via}

Circuit City: Hard Drive Deal: $99 after rebate for a 300 GB drive. Rock on! In other news, Circuit City is using BroadVision. Bleh. {via}

Word Lock: geesh, why didn’t anyone ever think of that before?

My Favorite Word: does everyone really have one? I don’t. There’s certainly some English words that are more euphonic than others, but singling one out in particular seems difficult.

Google Moon: Google Maps-like view of the moon, in honor of the NASA moon landings. Be sure to zoom all the way in! Heheh.

Sausage Creatures: aww, cute little food art.

Point and Cut: an electric paper towel dispenser for the home. I’ve watched the video and I have no idea how it cuts the paper towel: it seems like you move your hand to the left and it does it. No idea. But it’s a steal at $299. *cough*


HotOrNot Google Maps: cool, data integrated with Google Maps. I’m really digging this stuff.


How to Build a Ceiling Dome: instructions on how to build one of those recessed domes for chandeliers.

PT-171: read a scanned-in and annotated diary from a seaman on the PT-171 during World War II.

Hummer Nest ’05: photographic series documenting a hummingbird’s nest. It took the two babies 21 days to leave the nest.

The Manager FAQ: how to understand your manager from an engineer’s perspective. Funny.


Get A Life Scripts: the complete scripts of what I regard as the funniest television sitcom ever created.

Celebrities Then and Now: my how they’ve changed. {via}


Bake ‘N’ Fill: I just saw a commercial for this and it looked like it makes some kick ass cakes, including ice cream-filled ones.


Optimus keyboard: sweet design for a keyboard whose key labels are actually mini screens. Completely impractical, unfortunately.


Saving Time with Your Microwave: I’m hoping this is tongue in cheek. If it’s not, I can actually beat him: on my microwave, you can press any digit to get that number of minutes. Plus, there’s an add 30 seconds button. So instead of pressing

How to Write More Clearly, Think More Clearly, and Learn Complex Material More Easily: a PowerPoint-exported presentation that’s pretty good from what I read.

AFI’s 100 Years… 100 Quotes: 100 best movie quotes of all time. Uh huh, a list. It’s amazing how many I know even though I’ve never seen the actual movies.


Can’t Find on Google: the stuff not found is sometimes better than the stuff found. Umm, yeah.

CafePress Humor: lots of funny t-shirts here.

Room Defender: if only my cubicle could be called a room. *sigh*

Weaselwords: I <3 language pet peeve sites. This is my favorite branch of grammarian ranting: business puffery.

Uncrate: billed as the “online buyer’s guide for men,” this site’s got a lot of neat gadgets featured—on the pricey side, natch—but I don’t see anything particularly masculine about it. It is the only reason I’ve ever heard of an OctoDog.

You Knit What??: some people really like to knit and they’ll knit anything. {via}

The Way of the Master: so that’s what Kirk Cameron has been up to all these years. {via}

[UPDATE: Looks like the whole Cameron clan got mastered.]


Attitude Wear: yeah, totally in-your-face t-shirts. Uh huh, solid colors with white or black text. If you’ve seen one of these shops, you’ve seen them all.


Couple Sentenced for Hiring Son a Stripper: I bet he thinks his parents are cool (or that’s what they want him to think). {via}


Pain In The English: ahh, the confusing heap that is the English language.

The Etherkiller: a RJ-45 jack wired into an electrical plug makes for fun NIC destruction.

Jumping Cats: they’re cats and they’re jumping. Cute.


“Bump and Ring” Commercial: awesome breakfast version of Citroen’s “Transformer” commercial. {via}

FEDEX Clock: Flash clock using FedEx containers. I hope this one doesn’t go the way of (though it doesn’t use a trademark in the domain name, so it should last awhile).


To All Office Kitchen Thieves: whoa, revenge sure is sweet. {via}

Very Strange Sims: mods and skins for The Sims that are pretty sick and/or twisted. NSFW. {via}

1911 Encyclopedia: 1911 version of the Encyclopedia Britannica, one of the most authoritative editions ever published.

Hooters Shooters: Uhh, I don’t get it. Probably NSFW.

500 Nude Sunbathers: my that’s a crowded beach. NSFW (in case you missed the word “nude” in the link text.) {via}

Tom Cruise is Nuts: amen to that. Celebrity insanity doesn’t just come in a bleached, white-gloved package. {via}

gCensus: I saw this awhile ago, but it was never available due to traffic. It’s a mashup between Google Maps and U.S. Census data.

Google Maps Pedometer: awesome application that tracks distances using a route you select.

Google Maps Transparencies: easy way to compare the satellite and map views.


UTATA Train Photographs: there’s some real gems in these galleries.


Ultimate List of Practical Jokes: there sure are a lot of pranks here. Many, surprisingly, take place in college dorms.

Library Lore: tales from the stacks.

Statler & Waldorf “From the Balcony”: awesome! Windows Media only, unfortunately. If you don’t know who Statler and Waldorf are, they’re the two cantankerous old guys who heckled the Muppets on the Muppet Show and the movies it spawned. As a bonus, Pepe the King Prawn highlights the week’s DVD releases! Pepe, hands down, is my favorite Muppet of all time, okay?

Geek Jokes on Slashdot: there’s some real groaners in here. It’s a lot more mathematics-oriented than I would have expected.


Wholesome Wear Swimsuits: emphasis on the suits.

Falling: a Flash-based, um, something that’s kind of like a falling dream meets Weekend at Bernie’s. Strangely compelling. [UPDATE: Here’s a better version.]

Pictures I Like for a Variety of Reasons: some not safe for work.

Feed Lindsay: Lindsay Lohan’s getting even though she’s clearly eating.


Ninjas Killed My Family: you know, he might actually believe that.

Magnetic Bumper Sticker Gags: ooo, these are so bad.