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Human Clock: people holding time. {via}

Exciting Links for Boring Days in No Particular Order: like Found, only without my helpful commentary.

A Tapestry of Time and Terrain: USGS site about merging geologic and topographic maps of the United States.

50 Worst Haircuts: a useful typology. I think Phil Spector‘s recent hairdo is sui generis.

I Hate Horses: I don’t necessarily go to this guy’s lengths, but I, too, can’t stand horses. My wife thinks they look shifty. {via}


How to Simulate Life in the Navy: if this is true, I’m glad I got “permanently medically rejected” when I tried to enlist.

Why You Should Watch Where You’re Going at Track and Field Events: title says it all.

How to Fake a UFO Photo: this handy guide for kids makes for a whole summer vacation of fun.

Living in Paper: site dedicated to papercrete, some weird concrete-like stuff developed from waste paper, and how to use it as a cheap building material.

Goodbye Bitch: if you’ve got writer’s block when you crafting a Dear John letter, this will help spur you on. {via}

Industrial Design Excellence Awards 2005: this year’s awards for good design. I’ve linked to previous awards. They’re worth a lengthy visit.

Ten Mistakes Writers Don’t See (But Can Easily Fix When They Do): this looks like a pretty helpful list.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Vegetables: parody of PETA, worth clicking through just for the billboard picture.

Charles Darwin Bookmarks and Stickers: make your own.


Falooba: there’s some good shirts here. I like this one.

Marry Your Pet: whatever floats your boat, I suppose. {via}

Things to Make and Do: some are neat, some are useful, and some are, um, strange. There’s even something for those who like electrocution.

Slap That Ho!: a Flash game that some might like. I’m not a big fan of the whole pimp-ho BS that people bandy about so readily.

Books By the Yard: this has got to be a great way to clear out inventory while making it easy on designers. Genius!

Bob’s Quick Guide to the Apostrophe, You Idiots: most people, in my experience, could stand to read this.

Five Questions to Verify if an Entity is a Robot: I’m saving this in case I ever need it.

Google Earth: I was playing around with this this morning and it is super awesome. Much, much better than Google Maps satellite view. And it’s free! I’m so glad they made it free. {via}

[UPDATE (7/22/2005): Go Ogle Earth highlights the most interesting uses of Google Earth.]

Grover is Bitter: some fan fiction purporting to show the dark side of Grover. {via}

Fedex Furniture: at first I thought, “Wuhh?” Then I clicked through and saw that some enterprising individual has furnished his apartment using FEDEX boxes.

[UPDATE (8/12/2005): Apparently, FedEx is going after him hard. Wired has the story. The guy behind this has also started a blog to chronicle his plight. {via}]


Google Command Line: interesting idea. Hate frames. Firefox’s keywords do this. People hate command lines. Moving on.

Wrong Answers: “dedicated to proof of the proper role of the World Wide Web in research.” That’s all I can get from the site since the guy used an Access database to store all his dynamic content and isn’t comfortable with ASP. Might be good, if it’s fixed.

My Crazy Hobby: guy collects traffic signs by buying them off eBay or through municipalities. Ooo, he’s insane!

The Penguin Classics Library Complete Collection: only $7,989.99 for 1,082 books. Geesh, you don’t even get free shipping for the 700 lbs. of books.


Emilie’s Don’t Yawn Game: boy is it hard to refrain from yawning. {via}


Durex Dickerations: just because you’re naked doesn’t mean your member should be. {via}

Don’t Shave That Hair!!: good advice, that.


Help Me Start My Biz!: did he even try a business loan or VC? Geesh. And it’s retail to boot.

Malls of America: wow, it’s features old pictures of malls. I had completely forgotten about Chris-Town’s bird cages.

T-Shirts from The Onion: I love this one and this one. “Area Man” is funny too, but very Onion-centric.


Associative Punctuation: sometimes punctuation might mean something entirely different in the mind of the punctuator.

Radar Busters: retired cop takes on radar detectors and other speeding ticket prophylactics. {via}

Krudmart: lots of neat t-shirt designs here. Nothing geeky, just quirky.

Songs To Wear Pants To: this guy takes requests and writes songs based on those requests. For free. And they’re pretty good. (But he will take money as well.)

The Bastard Operator from Hell Official Archive: ahh, many an administrator’s revenge fantasy.

fabric8 bazaar: love the Westside Spock one.

The World’s Largest Collection of Masturbation Synonyms: I’m going to choose to believe this claim since I’m not going looking.

FAQ: How Can I Tell Whether a Book Can Go Online?: a nice little guide from the University of Pennsylvania.

Engrish T-shirts: some funny sayings, I think it’s supposed to be an American take on the Japanese take on English. Or something.

Going Under: cool, unique picture of a two-taxi accident.

Last Words: transcripts and mp3s of air traffic control and cockpit voice recording tapes.


Filling an Office with Popcorn on the Cheap: I always wondered how anyone could fill an entire office/cubicle with peanuts and not get in crazy trouble. Here’s one way.

How to Pitch an Idea: love Berkun’s writing.

Is It Normal?: I shudder to think of the depths to which this could lead. On the Web, there’s going to be hundreds of people who think that whatever bizarre situation you’re pondering is completely normal. Danger, danger!


Cat Vomit Sign: these would be handy. Our cats are always horking everywhere. If it’s not hair, it’s masticated bits of cat chow. {via}


It’s Your Turn: asynchronous game play for a wide variety of games. The exact opposite of online gaming. {via}

Oriental Women Slapping Each Other: safe for work, but I don’t get it. {via}

10 Big Myths about Copyright Explained: the guy who wrote this founded ClariNet, which none of you would likely remember.

l33t sp34k g3n3r4t0r: sadly, Windows-only.

The Prime Number Shitting Bear: indeed he does. If you need prime numbers that have passed through a virtual ursine digestive system, this is your spot.


Amateur Psychological Evaluations of Ironic T-Shirts Sold at Urban Outfitters: intelligent analysis of t-shirt trends.

Teenager’s Guide to the Real World: 26 chapters (of 46) available online for free. Looks like a good book.

Make Your Own Baby Wipes: we’ve been doing this since The Girls were born. It’s so much gentler than normal baby wipes. {via}

Oregon Cat Born with Two Faces: here’s a picture. I don’t understand how you could publish a story like this without a picture. {via}

Television Tropes: cataloging the banality of most TV shows. Or “television patterns.” {via}

City Hideout: urban camouflage at its best. I couldn’t find a link on OOOMS‘s site, but they’ve got some interesting stuff there. {via}

Office Pranks: I’ve seen these individually before, but they always give me a chuckle.


Conversations with My Wife about Star Wars: these are eerily familiar. If I ever forget that I’m a total nerd, I only have to tell my wife about some aspect of the Star Wars universe. The look is a great reminder. {via}

How to Watch The Phantom Menace: amen, brother! I can’t wait for him to do Attack of the Clones. {via}


Goats T-Shirts: I love the “Stuff is Awesome” one.

Google Store: get your Googlewear there.

T-Shirt King: tons of shirts. lots of great, funny t-shirts.

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog at the Jackson Trial: favorite line, hands down, “Who’s kidding who? You reporters don’t need food: you feed on human misery.”


J Me: looks of well-designed and well-conceived items. Sadly, it’s in England so I’d guess that shipping’s a bit of an ordeal.

The Thorn Tree: Lonely Planet’s forum for travellers.

Celebrities Eating: lots of pictures of celebrities eating food and sometimes the reverse.


Cat Flinging: finally the rules have been codified. {via}

π to One Million Places: muwahahaha. {via}

Starbucks Celebrity Sightings: baristas share their special customers.


Scratchpad: like that magnetic letter Flash page from awhile ago. Neat little collaborative app. {via}


Muppet Show Season One: to be released on August 9th, 2005. First Fraggle Rock Season One and now this. Awesome! {via}

Patent #6293874: a device for kicking one’s own ass. The accompanying images will clear up the inscrutable text of the patent. I searched but I couldn’t find anywhere to buy one. {via}

Shop in Private: all sorts of products in a site geared towards avoiding embarrassment. Okily-dokily.

Crushed Cans: $4.95 for “artistically crushed” aluminum cans. {via}

Drunk Jenga: people get hammered, so you see how much you can stack on them without waking them up. {via}

Thread Pit: some pretty cool t-shirts. The “Shocker” would have made me spit milk out my nose had I been drinking any. I also really liked “The Manatee: Nature’s Speed Bump”.

Baby Man: whoa. Cuckoo. {via}

SportsStuff: inflatable water toys that look like a lot of fun. {via}

Spray on Mud: boost your offroad cred and avoid photo radar tickets. Sign me up! (NOTE: probably wouldn’t work on a Geo Metro.) {via}

DHTML Lemmings: web-based version of the classic Windows computer game Lemmings. {via}


Ultimate Guide to Shooting Rubber Bands: wow, Tim Morgan’s put a lot more thought into this than I would have imagined possible.

Which Girl Would You Hire?: Abercrombie & Fitch isn’t interested in a goth girl. People judge you by the way you look. Ahh, the naivete of youth.

Dating an Apple Developer: my wife can commiserate.

FUH2: the perfect site for those overpaid, hockey-playing yuppies who probably can’t even afford it. {via}

ThinkGeek “Han Shot First”: proudly display your dismay at Lucas’ revisionism. If that makes sense to you, you should probably buy this t-shirt.

Casio Exilim Digital Cameras: these camera look amazing. As near as I can figure, they’re ¥150,000 or $1,000. When they come down in price, it’ll be a perfect replacement for my PowerShot S200. {via}


Celebrities Playing Table Tennis: two things I noticed about this list: 1) not many women and 2) not many modern women. This Gene Kelly pic is perfect. {via}

Backyard Pirate Fort: now that would really define my backyard. {via}

Sanitary Chair: if you’re guests are this messy, then perhaps it’s time to eat outside. Though I do remember way back in my teller days, someone would come into our lobby and urinate in our chairs pretty consistently. {via}

Wonderful Graffiti: inspirational words for your walls (or create your own). A little pricey, but very convenient. {via}

Pearls of Photographic Wisdom: a very active Flickr discussion of advice for photographers. {via}

Plainly Dressed: for when you just feel Amish. {via}

6/7/2005 awesome (and simple) little app to end the wrangling that inevitably accompanies any lunchtime get-together. With tagging, no less. {via}

David Elsewhere at Kollaboration 4: the guy’s limber. {via}

USA Today Ask the Captain: burning questions about air travel answered by a jen-you-wine airline captain. There’s several questions per column, so don’t just go by the question on the page.