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Improv Everywhere’s “Even Better Than the Real Thing” Mission: IE presents a rooftop U2 concert without the real U2. Awesome!

Historic Corporate Documents: corporate papers from 1820 to the present. The Web just keeps getting better and better. {via}


Sex Offender Details: so that’s what Sloth has been up to since he got freed from Mama Fratelli. Bad Sloth! {via}

Geek Category at CafePress: lots of neat little t-shirts, if a little plain.


HITCHHIKER S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY T-SHIRTS-DON T PANIC SHIRTS: that’s apparently the store’s name. Hard to tell, but there’s some good t-shirts there.

“Kind sirs, please abstain from having sex with my roommate”: the Best of Craigslist is so awesome!

How to Make a Million Dollars: hint, it’s not the easy way. {via}

Rats Rule: what cute little, umm, vermin?


TerraFly: kind of like a sucky Google Maps but with demographic data. {via}

Other Words for Stuff: euphemism central. Awesome! Here’s some other good pooping euphemisms. {via}

[UPDATE (6/3/05): Found my preferred list of pooping euphemisms. The one above is okay, but this one is better.]

[UPDATE 2 (6/3/05): Oh yeah, my favorite euphemism from that list is “Cook up a pot of anal stew.” Choice.]

That Face: a multimedia homage to Audrey Hepburn.

Trump University: learn at the feet of The Donald (virtually). This is going to be huge.


Free Email Address: Todd? Are you there? This one’s for you.

Rexona Deoderant Commercial: Stunt City, here I come. This is fun to watch.

Beauty in Music: the pretty faces of classical music.

Beauty and the Geek: new reality show from Ashton Kutcher (does he consider himself a beauty or a geek?!) that celebrates every stereotype of nerddom. The best they can do to describe two of the geeks is “Has never kissed a girl” and “Has never been on a date.” Like that’s their defining characteristic. Thankfully, it’s on the WB so it won’t get much attention.

Canceled Flight: 101 Tried and True Pigeon Killin’ Methods: I’m sure he’s working a follow-up book with great pigeon recipes.

Geographic Distribution of Major Hazards in the U.S.: maps of where nature goes wild. Wyoming’s looking pretty good (Arizona’s not too shabby, either). This map should be prominently featured by all of Wyoming’s Chambers of Commerce.

Phallic Logo Awards: the winner is hilarious and so immediately obvious that I can’t understand how it got accepted and used.

Gadsby: a 50,000-word story writtn without th lttr “”. Flickr would b proud.

Litter Robot: OMG, I lust after this thing. It would make my life so much easier. But $329? Hrm.

Scooba: Roomba‘s mopping cousin. I’m afraid it would freak out toddlers out. {via}

Reality Show Aftermath: I always wondered what happens to the losers while the show is still filming.

Flashcard Exchange: huge library of flashcards that you can print.

Spinning Graduation Cap: cool little mod.


Threadless: I’ve linked to them before but they’re having a sale until June 6th. Every t-shirt is $10, including Snack and Goatse.


The Story of Oak Island: I remember reading about this as a child. It seems like this would have been unearthed by now. {via}

Sultan of Brunei’s Private Airplane: Trump’s wet dream. {via}

Guiness World Record-holder for Most Needles in Body: 2,507 needles, one body. Gah. {via}

I Hate Dimes: they are kind of annoying. Why do they have to be so unusually small? {via}


How to Fold a Fitted Sheet: I usually just end up wadding the sheets up. {via}


Peculiar Poker: t-shirts for poker players.

Cousin Couples: dating on the family tree. {via}

Learning the Hard Way: hilarious LEGO version of that famous sequence of pictures. {via}

AOL CD Throne: not that type of throne, unfortunately. {via}

Das Keyboard: if this keyboard wasn’t $79.95, I would be all over it.


Adminsanity: a phpBB2-based forum where every user is an admin. Genius!

Microsoft Train Simulator Crash Site: I wish they had this game for the Mac.


What on Earth Catalog: I especially like their selection of Bill merchandise.

Cheap Gas: I’ve got to get me some of that Google Maps love. Geesh. {via}

The Music that Americans Loved 100 Years Ago: this took on new meaning after having just watched Ghost World. {via}


State Farm Insurance Vehicle Rating Guide: it’s a huge PDF but very interesting. It’s conclusions probably aren’t much different than other insurers. {via}

Master Yoda’s Blog: isn’t this meme getting a little tired? Make this the last one, please. (Aside: it is kind of funny.)

Pamela Anderson’s Blog: she does like her exclamation points. If you care what Pamela Anderson thinks, that is the place for you. This is not.

Feral Flowers: I’ve seen these before and they are beautiful. “Carpet blooms” is a very apt moniker.

Canonical List of Tom Swifties: “I invested in a high-tech startup”, Tom ventured.

Secret Wall Tattoos: dead hookers under the bed aren’t the only surprises in hotel rooms. {via}

Mad Physics: physics can be fun! {via}


How do you get rid of a friend?: luckily, I’m extremely discriminating in making friends. It’s much easier than having to deal with this kind of crap. {via}


Being a Gaijin in Japan: fascinating look at Japanese culture from an American expat. {via}

Prank Place: bumper stickers, car antenna stripper dolls, and bumper pranks. {via}

Captain Quack: “awesome rubber ducks” including James Brown, Beethoven, and royal ducks.

The Japanese Garden: lovely images of authentic Japanese gardens. {via}

Turd Twister: egads, I hope this isn’t meant to be used. Think Play-Doh Fun Factory.

Support Our Ribbons: my favorite is “My Ribbon is Bigger than Your Ribbon”.


Bobs’ Cube: live in your world, play in his. {via}

Home Biz Wear: kind of corny, but who’s going to see it?

Neverland Ranch Map: quite a little complex you got there, Michael. {via}

The 10 Most Bizarre Employment Law Cases of 2004: bizarre might be stretching it a bit. Dumb would have sufficed. {via}

Dollar Bill Shirt: make a miniature shirt by folding a dollar bill.

A Complete Waste of Time: a guide to games you can play online without installing anything.

Hot Chick Stoner BBQ Video: The description says it all: “The lovely Hot Rod Honey imparts all her secrets, joined by her hot stoner friends in some meat-grilling, gun-shooting, whiskey-drinking, pot-smoking action.” {via}


No Pants Day: it was May 5th and I missed it. Shoot.

BratZapper: um, this is fake, right? Right? Right? Please? {via}

“How to Perform Strong Man Stunts”: a 1952 book about tearing phone books in half and such feats of strength. {via}

20Q: sounds like an interesting little toy. There’s also an online version if you don’t feel like ponying up the dough.

Graham Barker’s Navel Fluff Page: uh, which is sicker: the fact this guy has had this much navel lint or that he’s documented it? {via}

Revenge CD: I once lived in an apartment where this would have been very useful. Damn neighbors. {via}

TSA eBay Auctions: ever wondered where all those confiscated items at airports go if unclaimed? Or maybe you just want to buy 41 lbs. of nail clippers? {via}

Triple X Gold Teeth: when a single tooth just isn’t blingy enough. {via}


Sitcom House Blueprints: neat idea. {via}

Knit Pro: converts any image into a cross-stitch pattern in a PDF file. I wish I could cross-stitch because I’ve got the perfect image. {via}