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Grand Theft Auto: Lego City: any video with LEGOs is awesome in my book—which, by the way, is still under negotiations. {via}

Online Dating Morons: a “collection of some of the amusing encounters of the online dating scene.” Indeed.

Know Before You Mow: I agree with the message though I think it’s needlessly complicated on this site. I’ll boil it down for you: stay away from rapidly spinning blades.

Lolo’s Extreme Cross-Country RV Trips: they’re certainly getting their money’s worth out of that RV.


RoboCop Archive: it was a good movie, but wasn’t it from the 80s? I mean, come on.

World War II Operational Documents: only 63 items in there at present, but they’re going to continue adding as time and money permits. {via}

Improv Everywhere – The Moebius: Groundhog Day comes to a NYC Starbuck’s for an hour. Incredible. {via}

Christian Fellowship School Class of ’96 Senior Prank: cups of water—that’s inspired. They weren’t too bright, though, since there were only 12 seniors at the school.

Exotic Plants: prank of replacing plant signs at a drug store with fake (and humorous) ones. {via}

Brady Bunch in the Land of the Clones: This is very unnerving for some reason. {via}


Those Shirts: I love the “Viva La Reagan Revolucion” t-shirts. Suck it, Che! (There’s a huge number of t-shirts that just make me shake my head.)

The James Madison Papers: 12,000 items with 72,000 digital images from the author of our Constitution. {via}

IEEE Spectrum – “Seven Myths about Voice over IP”: excellent introduction to VOIP, a compelling alternative to traditional telephony. {via}

Terry Schiavo’s Blog: this is bad but I can’t stop laughing. {via}

Fun Shop – Confetti Cannons: I like the pocket model. I’d have to find a supplier of bulk confetti, though, to become this generation’s Rip Torn.

Improv Everywhere – Look Up More: this would be one of the few reasons to live in New York. You may also want to check out the Virgin Megastore Mission, which is similarly amazing.

Tired of Winter?: not in Phoenix, that’s for sure. {via}

What’s wrong with this picture?: oh, that.

Han Solo in Carbonite in LEGO: awesome brickwork. {via}


Meet Earl Henry: I’d say that he’s got an alcohol problem. {via}

The Bulge Report: if hints of male genitalia is your thing, this site is for you. Not my bag, personally. {via}

Gallery of Gunge: pie-fight porn. It’s safe for work, but really bizarre.

Halo 2 Necrophilia Move: add insult to injury.

Celebrating 3000 Years of Cat Mustaches: “possibly the stupidest blog idea ever.” I’ll second that.

Delicious Dogs: I prefer beagle, personally.

Circus of Disemboweled Plush Toys: step right up, folks, and see horribly mutilated stuffed animals.

Strange Foreign Objects in Dog Feces: too bad, is already taken. Look for the upcoming book wherever tasteful literature is found.

Dog Owners are Sadists: well, unless the dogs asked for this.

The Maze of Pain: a guy makes a maze out of salt and runs a slug through it.

Lotte World: Korea’s newest theme park. (I would’ve put South, but who would honestly believe that this place exists in North?) Looks like a rip-off of Disneyland without all the licensed characters—though this doodad looks more bad-ass than anything Disney would do.

Expo 2005: official site of this year’s world’s fair. Here’s our pavilion.

Ultra Marathon Man: he’s run 262 miles non-stop before.

Official Location of Little House on the Prairie: of course, it’s just a reconstruction on the site where Laura Ingalls Wilder lived.


If I Became the Hero: the counterpoint to the evil overlord list. {via}


Where Have I Seen That Guy?: quiz to see if you know Hollywood’s unheralded though recognizable character actors.

Solar Death Ray: sun, lots of mirrors, and a variety of household objects. Cool.


Dog Condoms: my BS-detector is off the charts, but who would’ve believed that people would make (and other people would purchase) water for dogs. I’ve got a lot of questions about this: a) couldn’t the female dog just go on the pill and b) what pet owner in their right mind would actually attempt to sheath their dog’s willy? {via}

Crazy Kent: Kent, who may in fact be crazy, likes to have his picture taken while he’s in garbage cans. Apparently, he’s “found a way to show that anyone who has an idea, a goal, and the motivation to acheive success, no matter how ridiculous the plan, it can be done!” Indeed. {via}

Cleavage Accessories: would people actually want these? I mean, hands coming out of your cleavage? Come on. {via}

Buffo the Clown: billed as the world’s strongest clown. Do you really need to make clowns any scarier? {via}

Al Gore in 2008: that’s so 2000.


The Roman Forum: an extraordinarily detailed model of the Roman Forum circa 179 AD. The population of this model is 750. The guy also made another model of the same area from 204 AD. {via}


How to Smuggle Forbidden Booze onto a Cruise Ship: if only I drank and took cruises. {via}

Billionaires’ Homes: an aerial photo tour of the mansions of the super-rich. {via}

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to pop a balloon in space?: not really, but it’s good to know that NASA’s looking out for me. {via}

The Llama Song: catchy. In fact, I only listened to it once and I will never listen to it again. I could easily see myself trying to memorize it. {via}

How many five-year-olds could you take at once?: 39 pages of debate on this subject. {via}

Sausage Cross-Section Rugs: buy one and you can stand on a slice of various sausages. {via}


Acronyms/Shorthand for Email: if you use these, you should probably add this link to your signature. {via}

Mail Order Husbands: fun for the ladies. Quite a selection. {via}


Penny Structures: cool structures, remarkably solid, built entirely with pennies. {via}


Who You Should Know: spotlighting a different world leader that you would know if you weren’t such an ignorant American every day. {via}

Please Mess With Texas: amen to that! {via}

Learning Japanese: excellent resource for learning the Japanese language. I think the script is going to be a huge hurdle for me.

Google Image Search for Graph Paper: don’t buy graph paper like a sucker, print your own. {via}

How to Learn a Language: excellent introduction on how to approach learning a second language. {via}


Underground Gardens: huge complex of underground rooms with gardens in Fresno, California. Bad site, but there’s pictures elsewhere. {via}

Lego Vehicle Battles: we all loved to ram things together as a kid, includes video and still photos. {via}

Ganguro: I guess it’s better than some of that cosplay crap. {via}

Learn to Draw: it would be nice to be able to draw and this site, which is Flash-based, offers a series of lessons. You pay a one-time fee of $16.95 and you’re otherwise unlimited. {via}


Chuck Lorre’s Vanity Cards: full text of those one-second screenfuls of text after Dharma and Greg and Two and a Half Men.

Japanese Statue Garden: wow, what an amazing place. I guess Japan isn’t all cosplay and freakiness. {via}


A-mazing CSS: a maze game done entirely in CSS. Hint: walls will disappear as you move around.

R. Robot Blog: this makes me doubt the existence of some bloggers. {via}

Edelweiss Pirates: like the swing kids, only without the dancing and the grooving. It’s amazing that they lasted as long as they did, given that they killed several Hitler Youth leaders and the head of the Cologne Gestapo. {via}

“Student receives semen-frosted brownies”: I had a similar incident in high school where my friends put cream cheese in my learner’s permit and the oil erased all of the writing on it. I just got frosted, though, so I guess I’m not that good at revenge. {via}

“Typing Error Causes Nuclear Scare”: don’t you think someone would have remembered an atomic bomb test between 1962 and 1970 or is everyone in Sudan younger than 30?


Evil Overlord List: if you’re planning to take over the world, learn from the mistakes of movie villains.

The World: Dubai’s latest island project. It’s a series of islands that collectively form a map of the world. That is seriously awesome. {via}

Monopoly in the Park: I couldn’t determine whether they used giant Chance cards. {via}


Early Office Museum: they didn’t even have cubicles! {via}

Flowchart of the Criminal Justice System: follow along as you navigate your way to the big house. {via}

Presidential Tax Returns: it looks so odd seeing occupations listed as “U.S. President” and “First Lady”. {via}

SSI Shredders in Action: why would anyone need to shred railroad ties, couches, or diapers? It looks like a washing machine might cause a jam, though. {via}


Google Weather: something tells me they won’t be making this service available for Google Russia.


Come Clean: read people’s confessions on hands before they’re washed. Like the Flash version of this entry.

Eggcorns: a collection of unusual misspellings. {via}

Geico Blog: the gecko has a blog. No RSS, unfortunately. I’d love to know immediately when a post comes across so I can revel in the wisdom of a reptile—by which I mean whatever marketing drone came up with this idea and is forced to write as a animated reptile. {via}

“Las Vegas Mayor Makes Controversial Gin Comment”: here’s the money quote: “After reading to the class, one student asked Mayor Goodman if he could take one thing with him on a deserted island, what would it be. The Mayor replied that it would be a bottle of gin. And when a student later asked Mayor Goodman what one of his hobbies was, the Mayor said ‘drinking.'” {via}

Luther Burger: scroll down to see the Hamdog. It’s a “hot dog wrapped in a beef patty that’s deep fried, covered with chili, cheese and onions, and served on a hoagie bun topped with a fried egg and two fistfuls of fries.” Ugh, I just had a little reflux thinking about it.

Homo floresiensis: aka the Hobbit. An ancient three-foot-tall species of human.

Smoking is Ugly: supermodel Christy Turlington’s anti-smoking campaign site. She suffers from emphysema.


Wright in Chicagoland: blog about the Wright-designed properties in the Chicago area.

Nuttin’ But Stringz: hip-hop duo playing violins. Uh huh, they’ll make it big.


“Nude Man Covered in Cheese Gets Probation”: believe it or not he was drunk. {via}

Wackos, Weirdos, and Stalkers: the things people do. I was once a McDonald’s manager and a teller so I know what it’s like to have crazy people in a retail setting that you can’t do much about. {via}