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Final Wipe: skidmarks be gone! {via}

ParaBounce: one balloon, one man, one helluva good time. {via}

Liberated Christians: Phoenix-based group of Christians who like groups, if you get my drift. *wink* Reminds me of this t-shirt. {via}

Finger Bootyology: using perspective to make dirty pictures that aren’t. {via}

For Me To Poop On: this is a very well-done site. It’s a very useful site. I couldn’t think of a better site … {via}


Danny’s Musical Commentary on The Apprentice: the guitar-strumming über dweeb sings about each episode.


Danica McKellar: the former star of The Wonder Years has her own web site. It’s got a great feature where she answers your math questions. No, really. She’s got a degree in mathematics and co-authored a paper on percolation and Ashkin-Teller models. No, really.

Lydia of Purple: as the absurd domain name suggests, Lydia makes “modest apparel, christian clothing, dresses, custom sewing.” Two things: how many domain names did she try before settling on that one and how does she communicate that to customers? {via}

Van Slingshot: that’s going to leave a mark!

Cassini-Huygens Home: excellent site with frequent updates from the Cassini-Huygens probe to Saturn. Also has great imagery including this one of Saturn.

Thumbies: this jewelry has a practical use as well since you could just ink it up when the bank asks for a thumbprint. {via}

PBS Ranch House: now issuing a casting call for participants in their reality series about putting modern Americans in historic settings. Hilarity doesn’t generally ensue, by the way. I think, personally, that they should do one called Ghost Town where people live in a resurrected ghost town. In Arizona. With me. {via}

“Trouble for the Tidy Bowl Man”: I just realized that I have nothing around the house that would allow me to withdraw a snake from my toilet. Looks like I’ll need to buy some PVC pipe and rope. {via}

VP, CMT Dukes of Hazzard Institute: man, I wish I had paid better attention to the show when I was seven. Related: Cooter’s Place. {via}

[UPDATE: Apparently, earning $100,000 a year for blogging isn’t unprecedented. {via}]

Japanese Name Translation: get your name translated into katakana for free. Kanji would probably look better as a tattoo, though.

Mine Too: connecting those who share a birthday. A dubious connection at best, but I don’t even have that.

Parking Spots: pictures of little cars in parking in perspective. Just click on it and you’ll see what that means.


Big Bunny: the adventures of a hungry, carnivorous, and monstrous rabbit. {via}

Dead People Server: an alternative means of checking up on Abe Vigoda. {via}

Fasting Center International: I don’t know their rates, but these are the guys to call when you need help with a fasting program. {via}

Not Proud: I’m not sure what to think about this—happy that people are proud, sad that the anonymity probably means they’ll do nothing to follow up, ashamed that such a thing is necessary or that it exists, or titillated at some of the confessions. {via}

Effective Methods to Test Your Bad Breath: know thyself and thy foul mouth odors. There’s also a free e-book on the subject that strains the notion of “$19.95 value”—would someone actually pay that much? {via}

Star Trek Obsession: that’s not his title, but it clearly fits. {via}

Twinkie Sushi: Twinkies, is there anything they can’t do?

Arizona Department of Corrections Inmate Search: I guess it’s useful if you want to check up on relatives, high school buddies, or potential love interests. {via}

Scenes from Super Mario Brothers: four-stories of Super Mario Brothers murals created using Post-It Notes. {via}

Digital Camera Help and Tips: there’s some useful tips here (and some really not useful ones, too). {< ahref="">via}

Screens Hide Crashes from Curious Drivers: wouldn’t they be a curiosity in themselves? “What’s behind that screen? Can you see anything Gladys?” I couldn’t find the screens on the manufacturers’ sites though. {via}

Press Gaggle: showcasing the circus that is the White House press conference. {via}

PimpZilla: a theme for Firefox that works best when visiting Gizoogle.


Treaties in Force: see what treaties are currently superseding the Constitution. {via}


Tokyo Street Style: Japanese fashion hits the streets. Definitely not my style. {via}

Poker Fan: help for the poker player. I’m playing Texas Hold ‘Em tomorrow. First a mini-van and now poker—if only I were a professional, I’d be a yuppie. Damn.

Law and Order Cast Chart: use this chart to determine what year the show you’re watching was first aired by comparing the mix of detectives and prosecutors. They missed the other useful clue: the psychologists used. Or you can just hit the INFO button. To each their own.


Save Bernd: give him a million Euros or he’ll kill this bunny. And he’s up to 69,000! {via}

Knor Song: Dutch infectious animation of a pig farting and barnyard animals singing. {via}

McDonald’s Bathroom Attendant: awesome prank! {via}

White House Tapes: 5,000 hours of presidential reconrdings spanning six presidents. There’s transcripts of the JFK tapes so far. {via}

Tiny Ninjas: umm, t-shirts. I’m running out of copy to put in these after-urls for t-shirt sites.

Mr. Bling: makers of classy gold teeth.

When is Law and Order On?: this could come in handy. If only DirecTiVo supported the Home Media option, I could hack something up that integrated the two. {via}

Meet an Inmate: more like meet a soulmate! {via}

The Lost Museum: a Flash-based virtual tour of P.T. Barnum’s burned-down American Museum. {via}

I Disagree with Maureen Dowd: this is one busy guy. Rebutting every Maureen Dowd column out there could easily suck up all your free time.


Bell Road Toyota: just doing a little Googlebombing for a bait-and-switch dealership I recently had the displeasure to work with.

Darwin D. Martin Complex: one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s most integrated projects done at the peak of his Prairie School prowess is being restored. Great (though tiny) Flash tour. {via}

Zombie Risk: an interesting variation on standard Risk board game play.

Why John Kerry Lost: the bandwidth limit has exceeded for many of the pictures, but the ones still up are pretty suggestive of what you’ll see eventually.

People Who Deserve a Beat Down: I’m assuming that this is a collection of rants rather than a laundry list of exhortations to violence. {via}

Witness for Michael Jackson: hehlarious. {via}

Local Celebrity T-Shirt: have people search their brains for where they’ve seen you before. I love this t-shirt. {via}

Threadless “Goatse”: a t-shirt representation of I’m sure this one will be picked up. {via}

Time Travel Gag: mess with people’s heads. {via}

Spamusement: one-panel cartoons based on spam subject lines. {via}


Confusing T-Shirts: they’re not supposed to make sense.

The Cotton Factory: ironic, retro t-shirts.

Those Shirts: the first site I’ve found that offers conservative-themed t-shirts. I was beginning to worry.

80s Tees: lots of great t-shirts here, including “Save Ferris” and an assortment of Beavis and Butthead ones.

Nerdy Shirts: yep, these fit me to a tee.

Mad Joe’s: I like the “Mind Your Religion” one.

You Yes You Cards: gritty, acerbic greeting cards.

Bacon Whores: a service where someone comes over to cook bacon for you. Amazingly, two men came up with the name. I’m pretty sure this is a fake since the signup form submits to an HTML page. {via}

Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco Currency Exhibit: this is a really fascinating look at our currency over the centuries. Apparently, pharmacies could at one time issue notes. {via}

Mission No Pants 2005: 46 people ride two subway cars sans pantalons. I love the group’s tagline: “We make scenes.” {via}

Tumbleweed Tiny Houses: makers of fine, though small, housing.

Cheapo Vegas: excellent guide to Sin City. Their reviews are exactly what an informed tourist needs.

Wrapped Snoopy House: that Christo will wrap anything. He’s such a visionary! <-- Sarcasm

Do I Need a Jacket?: a weather site that answers one question and one question only. Want to know if you need a jacket in my neck of the woods? factoids aplenty. The domain name makes me less comfortable with their claim that their team of writers “works hard to ensure that every fact appearing here is true.” {via}


Lil’ Mynx: your source for in-house stripper poles. Oprah’s got one. {via}

Plant By Number: an interesting approach to container gardening that’s like paint-by-number for the green thumbs.


Official Shotgun Rules: who knew riding in a car needed such order?

Wheel Surf: a one-wheeled motorcycle replacement. Check out the video for an idea of what it does.

Curiosities of Biological Nomenclature: odd genus and species pairs. I just love the title of the page.

Modified Airliner Photos: Photoshopped versions of jumbo jets. {via}

Star Trek vs. Star Wars Technical Assessment: dozens of articles evaluating the comparative merits of Star Wars and Star Trek technologies. By cleverly bringing together Trekkies and Star Warriors (don’t know if that’s the proper term), they get twice the nerd action. {via}

Be My Anti-Valentine: perfect if you don’t like Valentine’s Day and you’re especially bitter.

[UPDATE (2/14/05): More anti-Valentine gifts. {via}]

Jinx: makers of fine geek apparel. I &heart; this one.

Disco Elevator: what a hilarious idea!

Unwise Microwave Experiments: read the accounts and you won’t have to do them yourself. I almost dedicated a spare microwave oven to this same task, but my sane wife convinced me otherwise.

Cold War Tourist: one man’s travelogue as he toured the important sites of the Cold War.

Generator Blog: a blog dedicated to finding those web sites that generate pictures, names, etc. {via}

Puzzle Maker: simple site to build those word search puzzles using words you supply. {via}


Manties: panties for men. If you say so. {via}

Straight Out of Compton: NWA‘s signature gangster rap redone as a folk song with the same video. {via}

Abandoned Gas Stations: a photo essay on a subject that, I’ll admit, fascinates me. {via}

World’s Thinnest Building: it’s two stories high, six feet deep, and houses thirteen businesses. {via}

Bad Candy: your online source for bad candy reviews.

Dusty Brand: t-shirts that make you go “enh.” I’m starting to get sick of these t-shirts: they just try too hard.

15 Things You Hope Never Happen to You at a Urinal: girls, you probably won’t get this.


Did You Know?: a quick once-over suggests that these are mostly accurate, though the etymology of posh is wrong and shah mat is actually shah-k-mate in Farsi. Oh, and the cobblestones in New York are less than 100 hundred years old. And the geographical center of the United States is near Lebanon, Kansas.

Secret Agent Josephine’s Make-Your-Own Valentines: or anti-Valentines, if you prefer.

Basic Boozery: get serious about your drinking.

Breast Euphemisms: a handy compilation for when you want to sneakily refer to a woman’s chest. You say “rib balloons” and no one will know what you’re talking about.

My Secret Life: the sex diary of a Victorian gentleman done in excruciating and very bawdy detail—eleven volumes and a million words of detail. {via}

p0stwh0res: excellent collection of graphics for frequent forumgoers.

Banana Bunker: $5 gizmo to stop bananas from bruising.

SkyHi-Small Signs: a photo gallery of interesting signs from a road trip. {via}

Ice Chewers Bulletin Board: it’s bad for your teeth you know. {via}

Maestro Instruments: funny t-shirt. You’ll know it when you see it. {via}