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Cool Dogs: ice cream molded into the shape of a hot dog with a Twinkie bun. {via}


CelebSafari: see celebrities in their natural habitat—being hounded by fans. {via}

I Want One of Those: purveyors of odd things.

Goggle Dog: just like it says. Poor dog!

Bea Shirt: and then there’s Maude.

Scat Replicas: does anyone ever really need fake bat poop? {via}

Annoying: it certainly is, but it’s infectious. {via}


Make Your Own Gear: I can’t decide whether it’s camping on a budget or do-it-yourself to the extreme.

ROFL Attack: textual Flash game using common Internet abbreviations. Just click it and you’ll see what I mean.

Numa Numa: it’s odd and a waste of time but I was surprised at how many people enjoyed it. But people like karaoke and American Idol and I’ve never understood that.


Sleeping in Airports: a guide to sleeping accomodations around the world. This would be very useful if you’re a competitor on The Amazing Race.

HTTPanties: for the geek grrl in your life. I’m glad that they didn’t do a 402 version.

Things to Say When You’re Losing a Technical Argument, Things You’d Like to Say at Work But Can’t, Zen and the Art of Fuckit: these are all related, but I can’t pinpoint why.

Diaper Review: the Web’s only site dedicated to reviewing diapers. With no less than three products that allow women to pee while standing, this situation must not continue: is available.


PowerBook Prank: messing with eBay scammers.

Learn Disco: an mesmerizing disco instructional video.

Watermelon Art: the things you can do with melons!

Amazon: Elk Carcass: that’s a lot of meat. {via}

Frobot: alrighty then.

Dr. Richard Chopp, Urologist: from the unfortunate names department.

Shit vs. Shinola: for people who don’t know the difference.

213 Things Skippy Can’t Do: that’s one bored soldier.

Celebrity Soundboards: great for prank phone calls.

How to Tell If Your Prostitute is an Extraterrestrial: the paper sures prints some useful information.

Stair Diving: just as fun (and dangerous) as it sounds. If you killed yourself, would it be suicide or automatic nomination for a Darwin Award? {via}

Post Secret: share a secret with the world. All it takes is a postcard.

A9: How We Did the Yellow Pages: that is amazing! Maybe I should do Cave Creek Road for them. {via}

[UPDATE: Someone‘s started a Flickr tag for interesting photos taken along the routes.]

Self-Defence with a Cane: it’s like turn of the century martial arts. {via}

[UPDATE (1/29/05): And here’s Part 2 of the article.]

“Japan bean plants sprout messages”: the market for customized messages delivered via plants could be huge. Want to break up with your girlfriend? Buy a plant and hint that there’s a question printed on it once it sprouts: “Why don’t you leave me alone?” Just a thought. {via}

Phillip Johnson’s Glass House: when I heard someone on NPR call this one of the best architectural efforts of the 20th century, I had to check it out. It strikes me as an excellent publicity stunt.

Basketball Girl: what looks to be a cheerleader is thrown through a basketball hoop. And a new category, Video Update, is begun. The name comes from a Phoenix video rental chain that didn’t make it through the Video Rental Store Wars. {via}

[UPDATE: Jason Kottke notes that it was a promotional video for the previously blogged Pump Up the Movie.]

Sneaker Freak: apt domain, that.


The Faces of Meth: graphic and dramatic illustrations of why drug use is bad. I know, a picture is not an argument but it can be compelling. {via}

Unusual Articles on Wikipedia: Wikipedia is such a treasure.

“I am soooo pissed”: the mortifying fear of every PowerPoint presenter. {via}


Dress-a-Vac: for when a vacuum is unsightly but an inexplicable cat in a dress holding a fish skeleton is oh-so-appropriate. {via}


Protoculture: I like the one that says “Please mess with Texas.”

Self-Defense Against Zombies: never know when this might be useful.


Cornell Note Forms: free PDF versions of the Cornell Notetaking System for preprinted ease.

Random Shirts: they’re pretty bland (though “Born to Dreidel” is sort of grin-worthy, as is “See It? Saw It.”) but $10 is pretty cheap in the world of offbeat t-shirts.


2000 Uses for WD-40: is there any thing it can’t do? {via}

Wheelchairs for Dogs: wow, I wonder how the dogs adjust to the contraption. {via}

Scrotal Safety Commission: something tells me that this isn’t an official organ body.

“Magic Stick” Breakdown: I had forgotten about this site that translates the sometimes subtle—and always jargon-laden—lyrics of rap music.

The Webpage for Planned Self-Obsolescence: hmm, I don’t get it.

Official Ninja Homepage: is this for real?

Slanguage: slang the world over, includes Anglicized pronunciations of several different languages.

Say ‘Bye to Neon: interesting use of a rental car, but I wonder if the rental agreement prohibits engine modifications.

Alex MacLean Portfolio: galleries of beautiful aerial photographs. {via}

Kenny Kramer: site by, for, and about the real person that inspired Cosmo Kramer of Seinfeld. Book your spot on the Reality Tour 2005 before it fills up. {via}

Armed Females of America: proving that gun nuts aren’t all male. {via}

Bible Predicts Giant Earthquake: wow, this guy’s nuts. I think that if you do random character sampling from a large source of letters (like, say, the Bible), you can find anything. {via}

Edible Gear: makers of edible gear for backpackers. The site actually had me going until I clicked on the stove fuel and trekking poles pages. The static order page cinched it. {via}

Amusing Classified Ads: “Wanted: 30 Chinamen and a zeppelin for elaborate practical joke.” Anything with a zeppelin automatically becomes elaborate, practical joke or not. {via}

TradePub: free, one-year subscriptions to trade publications like Diesel Progress and Clean Rooms. Hey, it’s good for when there’s nothing good on TV. {via}

Solving the Enigma of Kryptos: interesting article about a sculpture at CIA Headquarters that contains some encrypted text that hasn’t been broken since its installation in 1990, even though cryptologists at NSA have worked it. Only the sculptor knows the entire message.


How to Build a Dobsonian Telescope: complete plans for this relatively inexpensive telescope. {via}

Abandoned Kuwaiti Apple Store: from back when Apple used to Think Different. {via}

Periodic Table Displays: I like the description for actinium—”If we had a visible quantity on display here, you would be dead.” {via}

These are the People in My Neighborhood: an online photo exhibit of neighborhood people holding up the lyrics to the Sesame Street song. {via}

Dubai Tries to Find Its Place in the World In the Record Books: interesting Wall Street Journal article about the spectacle that is Dubai. {via}

Digested Read: books summarized in 400 words or less.

Marree Man: a 2.5 mile tall human figure in Australia made by persons unknown by brushing away vegetation.

Stop Ashlee Simpson: I think she’d listen more to low album sales, low ticket sales, and increased booing. I do, however, support the sentiment.

Batman: New Times: a LEGO-based short film starring Adam West, Dick Van Dyke, Mark Hamill, and Courtney Thorne-Smith. Holy casting!

Meet the Neighbors: virtual community for meeting people in your actual community. Is this for the terminally shy? Can’t you just say hi more often? Or put up labelled pictures in the lobby of your building?

Leap Second: one guy’s quest to build an accurate clock so he could adjust for leap seconds.

Jonathan and Victoria: the official site of the dysfunctional couple from The Amazing Race 6. I’m glad they’re off the Race.

Teen Girl Squad: funny Flash comic from the people who brought you Home Star Runner. Think of it as a poorly sketched version of Mean Girls.

Stand By Your Statue: a blog devoted to pictures of people standing next to statues and trying to imitate their poses. Uhh, I guess.


MSN Maps Lunacy: so you want to get from Haugesund, Rogaland, Norway to Trondheim, Sør-Trøndelag, Norway (bear with me on this one). MSN Maps will have you visit seven countries to get there. Could MSN Maps be in the pay of the oil companies or the tourism industry? {via}

The Tweel: Michelin lets the air out of its new invention. Ooh, the horrible puns we’ll see. {via}

Pause: “art” work depicting the General Lee crashing through the Unabomber’s Montana shack. How uplifting! {via}

The Hasselhoffian Recursion: don’t stare.

I Can’t, I’m Mormon: a whole line of shirts. At first, I thought it was snarky, but it seems sincere. {via}

Lochers: purveyors of perverted apparel. Okay, there’s some adult-themed t-shirts. Probably not safe for work. {via}


Hong Kong Architectural Photos: photos of maximal urban density (520,000 per square mile).

I Stole Brad: t-shirts for celebrity homewreckers. {via}

26th Annual Mooning of Amtrak: I did not know such a thing existed. Enh, something to do.

Photographs of Signs Enforcing Racial Discrimination: excellent photo exhibit from the Library of Congress. {via}

Gels Hall of Shame: can you believe these protein smears? What were they thinking?

DeSign For You: the business plan for Hanzi Smatter.

Biology of B-Movie Monsters: in-depth biological analysis of shrinking men, skyscraper-climbing apes, and giant moths.

Accoutrements: makers of fine action figures—where else could you get both a Pope Innocent III and an Oscar Wilde action figure?—and a whole line of sushi-themed products. They’ve also got a meatspace equivalent of The Sims called The Cubes.


So You Want to Learn Japanese: I’m about five lessons into learning the language and I’m only learning to speak Japanese. I rue the day when I might try to learn to read or write it.

33 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your Picture on the Internet: one kid’s face gets used extensively, sometimes expertly.

Video Vault: Cigarette Advertising: cigarette advertising really drove the early television industry. This page examines the ways in which tobacco companies hawked their wares, including The Flintstones. {via}

Toothache Actually a Nail in Skull: the picture is worth the thousand words, believe me. {via}

Egyptian Dig Blog: Johns Hopkins archaeologists are keeping a blog about their four digs currently progressing in Egypt. Pretty light on design, but heavy on concept.

Postal Experiments: what will the post office actually allow to be mailed. They actually mailed an unwrapped ski. Good times.

Stripper FAQ: so you wanna be a stripper? Not safe for work (unless your workplace is a strip club, of course).


World’s Tallest Chiropractor: I saw this guy’s Suburban driving out of Costco. Now I know what basketball players do when they retire. Don’t forget to check out his “fun stuff” where you can see a life-size representation of his hand. Ooo, I’m tingly. But that could just be a subluxation.

Jet Lag Travel Guides: excellent parodies of travel guides.


So You Wanna: starter guide for just about everything, including getting a ferret and examining your testicles.

Proofreaders’ Hall of Shame: showcasing those little typos and misstatements. Recently updated, no less.

Self-Annihilating Sentences: more English fun.

Car Stuck: for people who want to see immobilized cars. I don’t get it.

Institute for Druidic Technology: who knew?

T-Shirt Humor: their best sellers are moderately amusing.

Dooogle: every search returns results for Doogie Howser. I don’t get it.