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Fake Funk Jump Project: Phooning‘s more frenetic cousin. {via}

Road Rage Cards: more information than the finger. {via}

Giant Grinch Points to Neighbors: must make for some icy block parties. {via}

Dog Years Calculator: another canard bites the dust. {via}

The Grey Sweatsuit Revolution: Che Guevara, they ain’t. {via}

Ambient Dashboard: from the makers of the Orb, this is wicked cool. I just need to figure out a compelling reason to own one. {via}

Seinfeld Dictionary and Glossary: relive the neologisms of Seinfeld. {via}


Fishing Hurts: PETA’s latest inanity campaign.

Whack Your Boss: better to do it online than in meatspace.

Postmodern Pets: if you spend $200 on a cat toy, this site’s for you.

Neighborhoodies: “everyone should have their own clothing line.” You, too, can be P. Diddy.

Subversive Cross Stitch: I’ve done one cross stitch in my life (courting, you know) and I doubt I could finish any of these because I’d be laughing the entire time.


Kat Wallks: death from above! {via}

Flub Titles: crazy Hong Kong Engrish subtitles.


Disclaimers for Science Textbooks: local school board caved in? Put these disclaimers into your textbooks and feel pure. {via}

Paper CD Case: generates a PDF that can be used to hold a CD. {via}

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Tiny Plastic Huts: own a very little piece of the American dream and help some lady get a big piece. Beats standing with a sign at a freeway offramp, I guess.

Mashed Potatoes Have Speed: ahh, the wonders of free hosting.


AMI BIOS or Not?: perhaps a tad obscure. {via}

When Your Co-Worker is Away: if only I had enclosed cubes or no fear of reprisals. {via}

The TCP/IP Drinking Game: even networking gurus need to get hammered.

Abston Church of Christ: impressive LEGO™ church.


Say No to Grandpa Joe: any guy that spends twenty years in a bed can’t be good. {via}

Fish Highway: but would your fish appreciate it? {via}

Dancing Transformer: in this commercial, a Citroen turns into a Transformer and gets its groove on. {via}


The Kevin F. Sherry Sweater Project: horrid sweater flashbacks.

Before the Cat and Mouse: a look at the human version of Tom and Jerry.

Rubberstamped Money: I once toyed with the notion of getting a stamp that read “In Man We Trust” to cover up the national motto, but nothing ever came of it.


Wacky Jabber: amazingly, he’s not charging. Lo adylxou he va ivu.

The Site of Unimaginative City Names: I never would have known the story behind Iowa City, Iowa were it not for this site.

I Hump Things: he sure does. Can you believe he’s from Boston?

Vegetable Rights Militant Movement: the photos alone made me turn hydrotarian!

Neuticles: now Rover doesn’t have to explain where his, you know, went. Also available for cats, bulls, and horses! {via}

Kudzu-Covered Houses: wow, I’m glad it doesn’t grow in Phoenix or we’d have dead-kudzu-covered-houses. {via}

Tat Ad: get paid to have a company-logo tattoo. Fifty years of advertising on the cheap. {via}

Crane Accidents: photo site featuring crane wrecks.


Rate Your Writing: useful if you’re not sure of your writing quality.

We’re Not Sorry: the antipode to

Brita’s Effects on Cheap Vodka: Four passes of horrid vodka through a Brita filter = good vodka. {via}

Flash Resume: singing your resume will definitely set you apart from other candidates. {via}


McDonald’s Japan Commercial: this isn’t your father’s Ronald McDonald. {via}

Veiled Conceit: deflating the airs of wedding announcements in The New York Times.


Jones Holiday Sodas: like last year’s times five. “Honey, pass the mashed potato and butter soda please.” I wish they had a wider release. {via}


Greatest Picture Ever: words escape me. These are just some hilarious photos culled from the Web. {via}

Aerial Photo of Disneyland: high-high-resolution photographs of Disneyland using USGS pictures. {via}


Blendie: it’s a blender that is activated and controlled by sound. Growl and it slowly grinds. Scream and it purées. Don’t stick your hand in it because it’s not going to stop. From the mind that brought you ScreamBody, a portable apparatus to silence your screams while recording them for future playback. Is it just me or has this lady been mining Monsters, Inc. for ideas? {via}

Project Foil: 1500 square feet of aluminum foil + two college students = home covered in foil. {via}

Funny Corporate Signs: some of these would be very helpful around my workplace. {via}

Sorry Everybody!: where self-righteous liberals apologize for their countrymen’s actions on November 2nd. Disgusting. {via}

Star Wars Episode III Trailer: I’ve got to say that this looks awesome (except for those new furry warriors about halfway through—tall Ewoks, perhaps?) {via}


20 Reasons to Not Put Your Picture Up on the Web: luckily, I never put up any crazy ass pictures.

Triumph at the Third Presidential Debate: this is absolutely hilarious. I’ve got some bandwidth to burn, so you can get it here.


Just Fucking Google It: the URL to give when people bother you to find stuff because they’re too lazy to do it themselves. Now available in cloaked form. {via}

Cereality: it’s a cereal restaurant where you mix two cereals, add a topping, and pour in some milk. Wow! As Laura Wiese said, “I love the new Saturday hours—it is good to know that those of us who live on campus can wake up and have cereal.”


Hidden Doors: I’ve got a closet that would work perfectly with this. {via}