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Stick Figure Warning Signs: being a stick figure is no walk in the park. {via}

South Park on P. Diddy’s Campaign: this is hilarious! {via}


New Times: Company Specializes in Human Taxidermy: it reads like an April Fool’s joke, but I can’t see a confession anywhere.

A whois search for shows that it is registered to New Times. So it must be a hoax, right? They couldn’t write a feature story like that without mentioning any interest they had.

Cluster Ballooning: this looks like an incredible amount of fun but I can’t see how it could be safe. On the other hand, there’s a lot of things I couldn’t see being safe. {via}

[UPDATE: But wait, there’s more.]


Get Your Ass to Mars: ahh, total recall. {via}

Crazy Cups: dedicated to that craze that’s sweeping the nation: cup stacking.


Top Ten Poker Tells: if only I played poker.


Hanzis Matter: translating crazy Americans’ body art with sometimes hilarious results.


HTTP Panties: these crack me up.


America’s Gorgeous Girls: I think I’m going to be ill. What sort of parent would impart such values to their children? {via}

Office Bricolage: basically, a contest to devise weapons made from common office supplies. I don’t know if that’s such a good idea, but I could see using a couple of these for practical jokes. {via}


Sears Archives: come see the historical side of Sears. I wish, as a historian, that more companies would put their historical archives online—or have historical archives, period.

That Was Me: own up to your picture-ruining exploits. Or enjoy seeing picture-ruining exploits.

Steam Launch Artemis: a hobby that I didn’t think existed. Cool!


Insomnia Ambience: do-it-yourself ambient music.

Horse Pants: an idea whose time has come. The picture inexplicably cracks me up. {via}

Hand Shadows to Be Thrown Upon the Wall: where’s my flashlight?! {via}


Bitchslaps: not sure what this is but it seems like some sort of Japanese lady fight club. {via}

Barney Shakur: this isn’t your father’s Barney. {via}


Microgram Intelligence Reports: click on pretty much any one and see where them crazy drug runners hide their stuff. {via}

Lifetime AAirpass: upside: buy two, get a million off; downside: you have to fly American Airlines. {via}

Man walking 120 miles with cross: the kook just walked by my office. I wish I had my camera.

High-resolution real-time moose tracking: you know, a moose once bit my sister.

Slap the Candidate: in the grand tradition of banal Flash games.


Improv Everywhere: I love the tagline “We cause scenes.”

Graffiti Pictures: I’ve got a ton of pictures to contribute.

NFL Pudding Strike: he’s no Gandhi and his cause ain’t Indian independence. To each their own, I s’pose.

Elite Designers Against IKEA: something smells fishy. If it looks like astroturf, is it?

Turd Birds: lovely bird sculpture fashioned out of horse crap. Oh, these’ll be big.


Pyongyang Metro: North Korea’s deep, deep subway that’s probably a Potemkin village (so to speak) hiding military purposes.


Is Bush Wired?: they’re not talking about caffeine either.

A Mixed Message: could Bush/Cheney be sending mixed messages?!?!?!

Need Sum Wood: commentary on Bush the Lumber Magnate.

Obedient Republicans: zing!

Vending Machines in Japan: second in a series of sites showcasing such shenanigans.


Zombie Guide: Where You’re What’s for Lunch: “Lots of exercize, plenty of protein, low carbs.” Uh huh. Halloween’s coming.

The Upside Down Map Page: see the world from a different perspective.

Homicide: Life on the Street Crossovers and a Multiverse Explored: I don’t get it. The conclusion “166 shows are connected to Homicide: Life on the Street and St. Elsewhere, for a grand total of 168 series. The shows span from 1951 (I Love Lucy) to the present (8 shows are still on the air).” I still don’t get it.


You Forgot Poland: Bush’s big moment. {via}


NOAA: Sunrises and Sunsets: everyone loves a good sunset.

Dupont Castle: a palace fit for the King of West Virginia. There’s also a great reference for the 300 other castles in the US, none of which seem as ambitious as the Dupont.

On the Internet, no one knows you’re a freak. That is, unless you build a web site showcasing your freakiness. {via}


Pyongyang in Pictures: there’s an interesting backstory on that mammoth hotel. {via}