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“How Berkeley Can You Be?”: parade of left-wing nutcases with typical Berkeley self-righteousness. Warning: some nudity including shriveled man meat. {via}

The Strangerhood: starring The Sims and from the creators of Red vs. Blue. {via}

TGI Fridays Menu Prank: inspired genius!


Boyfriend Pillow: I guess half a man is better than no man.

[UPDATE (3/4/05): Updated link. There’s also one for the dudes. {via}]

Munster Mansion: a nearly exact replica of the one from the sitcom. From the FAQ: “The Munster Mansion is the real-life home of Charles and Sandra McKee. It was Sandra’s dream—Sandra is the real Munsters fan—to build a house just like that of her favorite ’60s sitcom family. In November 2001, Charles and Sandra began to make that dream a reality.” As Seinfeld would say, “Alright, good luck with all that.”


“Woman worries about effects of jackhammer noise on her unborn baby”: her concern is, how shall I put it, misdirected. {via}

Quirky Japan: quirky doesn’t begin to describe it. They’ve come a long way from the samurai.


“How do I print flashing fonts”: make your paper come alive! You have to wonder if this guy first asked a newsgroup or this was his last resort after exhaustive searching and questioning of friends. {via}

Stupid Gifts: the unification of design and content. {via}

You Might Be an IE user: I can’t remember the last time I read anything funny from Dvorak. My favorite: “If your email address is listed on your business cards as ‘’, you might be an IE user.” {via}


The Shocker: taking obscene gestures to a whole other level. Whoa! {via}

[UPDATE: Also available in foam.]


Buildering: climbing things that weren’t meant to be climbed.

How to Make a Violin (with pictures): who knew it was so easy?

Cleaning Pennies with Hot Sauce: the Web is an ever useful place. {via}

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: the Infocom game reconceived. {via}

8500 Calorie Manwich: a meal fit for a king. {via}


I’ve never really read LiveJournal, but I’ve heard that this sort of thing is typical.


Bad Beijing Architecture: it beats Soviet architecture easily. {via}


Virtual Windows: what do you want to see today? {via}


Alaskan DMV Cam: CornCam, meet your match!

Name That Candy Bar: how many can you get right? I got three out of twelve!

CornCam: And you thought the webcam trained on the coffee pot was boring.

Office Playground: desk accessories of the meatspace kind.

Co-Worker Cards: free PDF cards to tell your co-workers when they’re too obvious in their kiss-assery, when they’re having problems getting to work on time, or when they’re “sick” all the time.

Roadside Peek: a look at the stuff along the road. I don’t know how much I’d trust a roadside guide whose Arizona guide doesn’t include The Thing or that flying saucer restaurant in Gila Bend. But that’s just me.

Yuri in Da Cab: MC Yuri is a Russian driving a cab in NYC. Except he’s not. It’s a fake site to promote the latest crappy made-from-a-TV-show movie Taxi. It’s fun to see what other sites have either bought the joke or are part of the astroturf.

Food Timeline: history of food in a nutshell.

I Love Schools: Matchmaking service for teachers and the people who want to help them.

Who is That Eating Jeremy?: parody site of Who is That with Jeremy?.


Godfather Horse Head Pillow: this is incredibly cool! {via}


Cab Calloway’s Hepster’s Dictionary: it’s dichty.

[UPDATE: Also on the site is Professor Cab Calloway’s Swingformation Bureau. Neat-o.]


Man arrested for tipping under 18%: I’m sorry but it was on the menu and the waitress told them about it. The customers basically walked out on 18% of their bill and that’s theft any way you slice it. 66,607 people are wrong. {via}


International CXT: for when the H2 just doesn’t show how big a man you are.

Separated at birth: Time cover and goatse. {via}

Oh My Gods!: I guess polytheists need a laugh too? Weird.

Fried Oreo Cookies: just one of the many strange pieces of junk food. To each their own, I suppose.

The Real Soup Man: I thought I had linked to the real-life Soup Nazi before, but a search suggests I hadn’t. I don’t know why any sane man would name his business “The Soup Kitchen International.” It sounds like a relief agency.


To the MAN who did his hoochie on my hood: classic Craigslist. The picture is worth a thousand words! {via}


From Heiress to Famous: Julia Louis-Dreyfus stands to inherit $550 million?!?! Whoa. {via}

Collection of Senior Photos: those crazy seniors. {via}


Hot Asian Noodle Porn: I just know this is going to be a popular draw on the search engines. {via}

Fakers Suck: you mean those pictures aren’t real? But people don’t lie in personal ads, right? Fakirs suck, too, but no one’s made a web site about them.


Answers to Some of the Tough Questions Posed in the Song “Why” by Jadakiss: I’m glad someone’s finally answered them!

Logo R.I.P.: celebrating the logos of yore in an idiom that deserves to die. {via}

Fraud Frond: vacationing in California over the weekend, I saw several clever variants of these disguised cell phone towers. {via}

Head Shaver: not just for swimmers anymore.

Slap Yo Face Off: face slapping fun.

News in Haiku: from the why-not category.


They’ll put anyone on stamps nowadays. {via}

Spider-Man Reviews Crayons: this has been all over the blogosphere, so I guess I need to do my small part. {via}

Dogs and cats bring such different perspectives. {via}


Build Your Own Meat: Red Meat, that is. Here’s my weak initial effort. {via}

Man decapitated during drunken ride: the perils of drunken driving—the driver decapitated his passenger on a telephone wire, drove home, and left the body in the car while he went to sleep it off. I just need to read stories like this to remind me why I’m a teetotaler. {via}

Medical Journal of Australia: “honey, why aren’t you wearing your wedding ring?” The variability of the human body never ceases to amaze me—even when it makes me want to retch. {via}

Sideways Bike: sometimes things are the way they are for a reason. {via}