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What Happens If I…: relive those childhood memories of doing crazy stuff because you wondered what would happen. {via}


Freaking News: like Fark’s Photoshop contests, but that’s it (and a buttload of ads).

Opening Hooks: literary beginnings. A first line is important in an article, but I don’t know if it’s make-or-break for a book.

Ban Comic Sans: agreed! (We should also get rid of HTML email while we’re at it.)

[UPDATE (6/27/05): Apparently, the designer of Comic Sans never intended it to be used outside of children’s programs at Microsoft. It all makes sense now. {via}]


I read somewhere that bands basically pay for their music videos out of future earnings. Really expensive videos can sometimes totally offset earnings. Whatever the price of this video, it was too much. This music video is wrong. {via}

The Man with the Smallest Penis in Existence and the Electron Microscope Technician Who Loved Him: “Mild-mannered Chester Gaylord trudges through life with a painful sexual handicap. He goes for a magical colonoscopy where he meets a woman with a microscope who changes his life.” Not much more to add to that. {via}

Someone’s trying to corner the market in lucrative BlogSpot subdomains. Wait, did I say lucrative? {via}

The kick-assinest Vespa modification ever. {via}

“E-mail Addresses It Would Be Really Annoying to Give Out Over the Phone”: indeed. {via}

Where are they now: Josh Saviano from The Wonder Years is a high-powered lawyer. Counterpoint to Todd Bridges. {via}

Mandonna: Madonna tribute band with no chance of meaning the lyrics of “Papa Don’t Preach.”

The official story and the view from the trenches. {via}


Here’s a Photoshopping contest about how to make Olympic events more exciting and dangerous. Heh. {via}

One Man’s Experience with Trepanation: sweet mama pajama! {via}

Mineralians: for people who think vegetarians are murderers, too. {via}

Liberated Billboards: liberal vandalism at its best. {via}


OMG, the things people blog.

We Mac users are a crazy bunch. Whoa.{via}


Tricks of the Trade: quick tips for various occupations. {via}

Pimp Costumes: continuing with the costume theme. Hands down the most comprehensive set of pimp gear I’ve ever seen.


Gallery of Annoying Email Signatures: ooo, I hate these. {via}

Dubyaspeak: chronicling the verbal missteps of our commander-in-chief. Equal Time: Kerry Core

When did trampoline become an Olympic event? I guess I should keep up with the Olympics a tad more.

God Checker: your guide to the gods. {via}

Swank Signs: cool, unusual signs.


Ronjo Costume Shop: distributors of fine costumes like the holy shit, the vagina, the fat Britney, or Captain Condom. There is so much more here: big pimp, electrical outlet for two, and a pimp doggie. Neat0!


Washington, D.C. Map: virtual map rendered like SimCity (technically called isometric). {via}


The New York Times 1000 Best Movies: I know, YABML. With 1,000 movies and their NYT reviews, this list eliminates the selectivity of many other lists and goes headlong for volume.

LazerTag: site dedicated to Lazer Tag by one of the developers.

Doing the Lynndie: I smell “meme.” {via}



ChangeThis: manifesto collection. Some good, some not so good.

Broog Reviews Movies: love the tagline “Broog reviews the easily-crushed cultural offerings of Earth Cinema.”

Bunny Movie Reenactments: hard to describe. {via}


Stormtrooper Wedding: only in San Francisco. {via}

[UPDATE: You’d think that was weird enough. It’s not. It gets oh so much weirder.]


Mediterrasian: healthy cuisine from cultures that eat well yet aren’t generally fat.

Look at all that Olympic booty. {via}


Weird NJ: guide to the weird in New Jersey, brought to you by WeirdNJ, Inc. (!?) {via}

Private Islands Online: seems like a pretty niche real estate specialty. {via}


Jane Barbe’s Greatest Hits: you know her better as the voice of the disconnected number.

The Angus Diet: Burger King’s answer to Jared.


Flying Bombs and Rockets: chronicling Hitler’s missles.

I Sell Garbage: it’s no urinal but you’ve got to love the markup of this “art”.


Signspotting: crazy ass signs and a contest to submit your own.

World War II Model Maker: history in miniature.

Dr. Toast: giving toast its due. Okay.


White House West: Will Ferrell reprises his George W. Bush impression.

Phreeque: mutants of yore.


When Geeks Get Tattoos: not a Dell or Microsoft logo in the bunch. {via}

Phonebooking: the latest trend in assault. {via}

Rockwell Automation’s Retro Encabulator Sales Presentation: when you absolutely need sidefumbling prevented. {via}

Cowboy Song Lyrics: would be nicer with MIDI accompaniment.


Sweet Jesus I Hate Bill O’Reilly: o’really?


Nuke the Hamptons: funny domain, envy-ridden premise, woeful execution—more interesting for the level of detail put into creating such a piece of crap.

Secret Spider-Man Movie: they’re going to shoot Spider-Man 3 before Columbia can so that it doesn’t suck. Uh huh. And your budget is?