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Pre-reviews: reviews of movies that aren’t out yet or that the reviewer hasn’t seen—often based on trailers seen at other movies. Weird.


Piñata Plight: surely destined for the Endangered Species list.


As noted on bblog, I’m going to be busy this week so there probably won’t be any new updates. I say probably because I will have very limited surf time.


Cereal Box Collection: documented for your viewing pleasure.


Funny warning signs

Gotham Public Works: bringing the legend to life. Indeed.

In the same vein as yesterday’s Rumsfeld entry, I present Bush Yoga.

Here’s an excerpt from a book by the Japanese chef to North Korean despot Kim Jong-Il. It reads like a cross between Caligula and Nero.

Two OutKast-related sites for your viewing pleasure: Hey Ya, Charlie Brown (get it before the litigious Charles Schulz syndicate takes it offline) and a FAQ at Polaroid.


You’d wouldn’t know it to look at the man, but Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld apparently has quite the martial arts mojo going.

I wish there was an online drafting pencil museum. Oh, there is.

Very Important Things: 50s cartoons and images recaptioned with sometimes hilarious results.

Raging Fred: Flintstones video with Raging Bull audio.

Packrat Mama: I wouldn’t have believed it were it not so thoroughly documented with pictures.


It’s the Parasite Pals starring Holly Hostess and the cutest tapeworm you ever saw, Tickles!


GumBlondes: pictures of blondes made using gum. Uhh.

2/14/2004 look at those boobies!

SuperHandz: the site for extreme hand sports.

National Forum on People’s Differences: great place to ask why white people are assumed to not want BBQ sauce, why some people enjoy golden showers, or what do tennis shoes hanging from overhead wires signify?

Comic-Book Guy Heaven: Nitpickers, MovieMistakes, and movie physics.

Why is David Hasselhoff not so popular in the U.S.?


Lost in Translation: see your English drawn, quartered, dismembered, and set afire.

Flip Flop Socks: why not?

NADD: Nerd Attention Deficit Disorder.

The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity: nice illustrations.


Last month was the Sun. This month, the rest of the solar system is available. Well, except for the Apollo landing sites. Yes, this guy’s for real and he’s a Mac user. 🙁

Funny turnpike toll prank.

2/9/2004 though I have to question how a viewer would know that these are actual yawns rather than just pictures of animals opening their mouths.


Snowman Porn: not safe for work, by the way—though I don’t know exactly how explicit frozen rain can be.

[UPDATE (2/10/04): Other inanimate object porn: gummy bears and LEGOs.]

Funny cover letters: the things people will say to get a job.

$100 Hamburger: I have to agree with the Deer Valley reviews and plan on visiting The Left Seat soon.

Sweet Jesus, I Hate Bill O’Reilly: daily analysis of Bill O’Reilly’s talking points.

For the lawyers out there (Larry: are you reading this?): the worst terms of service evar. It’s 21,000 words long and it’s for a freaking museum web site! Here’s a direct link to the bizarre user agreement.

[UPDATE (2/10/04): In related news, here’s the universal disclaimer.]


Beeotch has some entertaining rants about celebrity up. The place to go when you got nothing in the divorce but you need lots of stuff.


If you’re going to insist on giving me some feedback about my driving, please do it properly.

Survivor as a comic: a helpful distillation of Survivor’s funnier moments.