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White trash charms: if charms are your thing.

Men seem to silently understand the rules of the bathroom, but it’s nice to know that the International Center for Bathroom Etiquette exists for those who don’t.

Can’t sleep? May I suggest visiting Footwear of the Middle Ages?

Looking for some festive green poop this holiday season? Don’t worry, like the best gifts you can make your own.

Some dream big. Some dream small.

Here’s one man’s perspective on fun words to say.


If obsession has a name, it’s George C. Reiger Jr.. Good god, man!

I want an elephant. <-- Loud

The Chaos and Gravity Club at Western Washington University drops things from yon high to interesting effect. I had to wait to post this because they were getting severely Slashdotted.

Audience interaction experiments: there’s lots more on the site worth checking out.

Exhibits at the National Postal Museum: bet you didn’t even know it existed!


The Stella Awards are awards given for frivolous lawsuits beyond the pale.

Answer me these questions three!


This wave park idea for surfers is innovative. I’m surprised that no one’s done it before, but I’m sure that there’s been trials in the past. For more information (like videos of it in action), surf on over—har har!—to the manufacturer’s site.


American Science and Surplus is indescribable and wonderful. You can probably get anything there inexpensively. Whether you need a pack of three pre-recorded videotapes to reuse for $3 or a possibly working German field telephone for $49.50, they’ve got you covered. I could spend hours poring over the offerings online, but I went with the print catalog so I could check it out whenever I wanted.

Are you a bachelor living away from your family and can’t make the trip to visit them for Thanksgiving? Are you a housewife sick of the cooking drudgery attendant with the November holiday? Friend, the answer is clear: Turkey and Gravy Soda!

A little late for Halloween, but here’s the O’Lantern. If you’re really daring, you’ll actually go to [NSFW and NSFHE].

For all your underwater moviemaking needs, I present Deep Flight. Unfortunately, I don’t see a price or shopping cart anywhere on the page. Bad e-commerce form!

Awhile back, I read that a bunch of people were trying to get Jedi recognized as an actual religion during the British census. I filed that one away as perhaps civil disobedience or pranking around.

I guess it wasn’t. Are these people trying to be outkook the Trekkies? Thankfully, they’re reach seems limited. I think that these are the only people who actually enjoyed the dialogue in the prequels.

EthnoMed is an amazing site that examines the cultural beliefs surrounding medicine and medical treatments from around the world. It’s intention is to help medical practitioners understand what immigrants are going through when they’re being helped and why they may react the way that they do. It’s really quite fascinating.

Kurt Wenner is an artist and his canvases are sidewalks. He’s done some outstanding work, but it’s often of a religious nature.

We all made up silly games as children and played them for hours of delight. As adults, we do that much less frequently—except for certain games of chance like Cups—and that’s a shame. Homemade Sports is all about sharing these handcrafted games (at least the rules) with the Web. There’s only three so far, but anyone can submit their own sport.

The Nohands Gallery showcases the Photoshopping efforts of a community around a given subject—in this case, an adorable little kitten. This kitten, dubbed Nohands, is placed in 454 different pictures.


Asshat: The Official Site


Rodent Performance Evaluation, aka squirrel fishing.

In other music humor, the Cowbell Project features every song on which that underacclaimed instrument appears.

Also on the same Yahoo! page: I don’t think comment is necessary or possible.

Why sing when you can let them sing it for you?

Steve, that ain’t your best look. But, you’ve looked worse.


Things Other People Accomplished When They Were Your Age: it should probably be cumulative so you can also see what those younger than you did. I’m way behind, by the way.


Segway, eat your heart out!

Would you believe that someone named their baby ESPN? Would you believe that two separate people, one in Michigan and one in Texas, named their kids ESPN? Other favorites: Del Monte, Canon, and Denim. Makes you wonder where it will end: Drano, perhaps?

[UPDATE: Interesting discussion over at MetaFilter about this very article.]

Twenty things that only happen in the movies. On a related note, Movie Cliché

Wynonna Judd? Or Wynonna Judd?

Human chimera: that is some seriously weird stuff!

You shouldn’t advertise like that if you don’t want to face the music.


These rabbits have to be domestic only; I don’t understand how they could survive in the wild. Well, maybe they look like snow-covered bushes to predators.


If you feel like committing suicide in a big, flashy way, I can’t think of a better way than blowing $555,000 on a “rolling sculpture” and then pushing it up to its 400 mph peak theoretical speed limit.

Guide to Cereal Characters. If he’s missed any, I’d be surprised.

A guy is documenting every sign from 11th Street to 42nd Street in New York City. Whatever floats your boat, I suppose.

Two bunny documentarians get more than they bargained for in this short movie.


Make-your-own smiley: very nice!

One question leaps out at me after seeing this page—and it’s not the obvious one (“how did it occur to them to come up with that?”): how did the Customs discover these? I mean, did they notice the seat breathing? It’s amazing.


Jesus is with you always, whether you’re a truck driver, a French horn, or a juggler. The artist even lives in Niceville, Florida. Aww.

Odd-looking lemon.

An Arizona man turned his dead wife into a coffee table. Oh wait, no he didn’t.


Funny church signs. There’s also a make-your-own church sign application, but no way to store your signs (the site blocks external referrers).


Bloody Snow is an amazing Western-themed stop-motion film produced using iStopMotion. But wait, there’s more.


A brouhaha is developing over big ass fans. I guess some people have no sense of humor.

Amazingly, fish farts may mean something. I just love the title of the article.


Here’s some interesting speculation about the genealogy of the Olsens. No, not them. It’s on Jimmy Olsen’s family. You know, the cub reporter from Superman. What? He’s fictional? Don’t tell that guy.

Not your average T-shirt shop.