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Site with hours of video about the manufacturing process behind all sorts of everyday objects.

Marry common cables to a wall outlet and you’ll kill things real quick-like!

Colossal colon may be in your area soon: keep an eye out! (Strangely disturbing.)


Sometimes half a conversation is better than the whole thing.

Methinks that these are not suitable for children’s gifts. Bipolar bear—priceless.


God no!

Mean-spirited fortune cookies.

You’ve got to make goals.

When I die, whoever cares can do whatever they want with my body. I’m not going to know one way or another. Seriously. Cut my head off and play soccer with it. Make me do some funny moves à la Weekend at Bernie’s. Encase me in Easy Cheese. I do prefer that I not be eaten (that kind of reminds me of that episode of Get a Life!. Funny episode by the way—I’ve got it on tape.).

You know what cars need? Some inkling of their gender. Bumper nuts to the rescue!


Pull my finger.


Someone has put up the Kama Sutra and illustrated it with pictures of two AT-STs or Scout Walkers from The Return of the Jedi. It’s definitely safe for work, unless your work dislikes pictures of toys having sex.

Whoa! A guy posted pictures of his 16-patty In ‘N’ Out Burger eating escapades. Spoiler: he ate the whole thing including the cheese residue!

Celebrities without makeup. I had almost completely forgotten about Téa Leoni, who looks great without makeup.

Weird Matrix-style Ping-Pong. Unfortunately, it’s WMPie. But wait, there’s more.

[UPDATE (8/31/03): The Magic Shadow. It looks like some sort of game show.]

[UPDATE 2 (8/31/03): It’s apparently a talent show.]

Interesting examination of the traditional Japanese house. The site also offers a Western take on such a house.

Doodles meet riddles

What if Lincoln submitted his Gettysburg Address to a journal?

Kim Jong Il has a site on LiveJournal. I would’ve thought he’d use Yahoo! Korea’s new blog features.


I love good t-shirts and these are good t-shirts: “my boyfriend’s wife hates me.”


Kibo has a bunch of odd photo series with commentary that deserve scrutiny: traffic cones, misspelled signs, weird signs, and funny commentary on Boston’s Big Dig. There’s more, but he’s already designed an index page. I don’t need to duplicate it here.

AirToons: new captions for those iconic in-flight instruction guides. Favorites: this, this, this, this, this, and this one.


There’s a new issue of The Onion out. I love the article entitled “Mad Scientist’s Plot Thwarted By Budget Cuts”. Favorite line: “‘This is a dark day for mad science,’ Mortis said.” Runner-up: “‘We all thought [Mortis] was untouchable,’ said fellow Brookhaven researcher Dr. Phillip Kondos. ‘Edward’s genius for devising plans for world domination is second only to his genius for whipping up applications for funding. We always envied his ability to isolate himself in his dank lab and emerge days later with a hideously ingenious grant proposal all of his own creation.'”

Programming Language Inventor or Serial Killer? ‘Nuff said.

I can’t guarantee that there’ll be anything posted on this here blog this week since I’m in Torrance, California attending some Guerrilla .NET training. I’ve got an excellent connection in the classroom, but my attention is elsewhere. Back in my hotel room, I’m on dialup and I’ve got lots of better things to do.

In other words, look at the archives and find something interesting—there’s nearly two years worth of stuff there.


I got interested in the turn-of-the-century Pasadena architects Greene and Greene after reading a rant at 2blowhards about Frank Lloyd Wright. I disagree with the rant (it’s a timeless one and they are but the latest conduit), but I appreciate the new knowledge.

Cruising through the virtual archives, you’d be hard pressed to find something that non-architects would understand. Here’s the 22 pages available on the Gamble House, their most celebrated work.


How unfortunate: lightning strikes man twice within an hour.

“‘Considered Harmful’ Essays Considered Harmful”: hilarious!

Meyer’s Corollary to Godwin’s Law: “As a theoretical debate grows longer, the probability of a ‘considered harmful’ essay approaches one.”

PDF of the Oxford Dictionary’s new words: bitch-slap made it! Finally! I’m also going to have to start using rice bowl. I can think of several usages. is an amazing site about Asian architecture. It’s got a great Flash navigation tool via maps that I think is probably the best example of its kind.

For your next mission, I present SWAT signals. Who knew they had a signal for “Shit, I Think He Was On Our Side.” They think of everything!

[UPDATE: And here’s the real thing. From GeekPress]


This site covers the conspiracy to keep you poor and stupid. I knew there was some external reason.

Methinks they closed the bar a little late. Whoa.

Neat Flash booklet: A Friend of My Very Own. [from Raymond Camden]

The National Park Service now has a Park of the Week feature. Each week a different national park or recreation area is spotlighted, displaying some pictures and lengthy descriptions of interesting facts. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any archives.


What would you do with a lot of inspiration from a can of Red Bull?” Indeed.

From the Yahoo category E-Panhandling comes (NPSFW). The philanthropic among you will surely rush to help these poor, flat-chested, and oppressed women. Won’t someone think of the boobies!

Peanut Butter Jelly Time with a Baseball Bat. Catchy.


Compendium of Lost Words: how cromulent! Embiggen your vocabulary with words you’ll never hear. There’s also more word lists at Forthright’s Phrontistery.


Cornell’s Digital Library of Kinematics is fascinating. Aside from the neat interface, the site devoted to the “study of the geometry of pure motion” known as kinematics offers an excellent example of an exhibit.


The tongue-in-cheek—I hope—Who To Kill operates like AmIHotOrNot and should have been called

Uh huh, I’m a little skeptical about a self-styled artist who gets pregnant. [from Eric Johnson]


Dave Policar writes down his thoughts on designing a home that is amazing in its breadth and depth. I like the notion of an airlock in your home.

Funny letter to Ann Coulter from Henry Panky comparing her to a blond Afghan or Saluki. “Loved your last book, ‘Arbeit Macht Frei: Let’s Get It Right This Time.'” Classic.

Elsewhere on the site is a letter to Meg Ryan presenting the case for a serious relationship (“Ms. Ryan, to cut to the chase: I need a woman who’s been around the block, but still poses coquettishly on magazine covers in revealing tops.”) and a tribute to a burnt potato (“We gaze mutely upon the blasted cadaver, comparing it, with incomprehension, to the blithe survivor which sailed through the whole hubbub unscathed, unfazed, even cocky.”). Good stuff, there.


This hilarious Craigslist listing is perhaps the best one I’ve seen yet. There’s lots of other funny ones.

[UPDATE: Just found a Phoenix one entitled “You Sniffed My Anal Vapors While Drinking Coffee“.]

Man warned over cone sex“: title says it all.

Okay, one more thing: “… previous convictions that include simulating sex with a training shoe in a public place.” Oh boy, one more: “When [the teenagers whom he asked for shoes] refused he offered to give them a public show with the cone and they soon circled their cars around the fetishist, shouting ‘give it some’ to urge him on.” Holy moly.

Good article on the Congressional Research Service with links to a ton of interesting information. Much more than I have time for, of course, but maybe you have some time to kill.


Forgotten New York: fascinating site highlighting the lost and forgotten parts of New York.

I’m taking the day off of work to help my wife set up her classroom. Expect no blogging today. Sorry, but I’m going to be quite busy. Now’s a great time to look back through my archives. Think of it as a best of day.


Three intriguing journals: the venerable First Monday, the fledging The Believer, and the newborn The High Hat. I’m not sure I enjoy them, but I’m going to give them some time to grow on me.

Jeff Goldblum is watching you poop. Apparently, the idea is to print out a flyer and hang it in a stall. Not much more to say. Well, maybe another “Huh?” is in order.


I don’t read Japanese, but you really don’t need to to appreciate cats in hats. I can’t picture any of the cats I’ve ever owned not tearing me to shreds if I dressed them in any of these. And rightly so.

This site features the showcases the home of Charles Rennie Mackintosh in QuickTime VR that is very well done. Mackintosh was a Scottish designer and architect who was a contemporary of Frank Lloyd Wright and a Prairie School/Arts & Crafts Movement fellow traveller. I like his designs, which are sadly absent from this site except for what you can make out in the QTVRs.

There’s also an excellent site for the Willow Tea Rooms in Glasgow that he designed. The designs are gorgeous. It’s still operating nearly 100 years later. As Keats said, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.”

[UPDATE: Of course the minute I do the post, I find another site about Mackintosh that takes my breath away. It’s about his House for an Art Lover and it looks exquisite. The site offers a quote from Mackintosh that is really intriguing and makes me want to research the man more: “Reason informed by emotion…expressed in beauty…elevated by earnestness…lightened by humour…, that is the ideal that should guide all artists.” Words to live by. I’m hoping that all those ellipses aren’t the equivalent of yadda yadda yadda: “Reason informed by emotion and guided by faith, expressed in beauty ripped apart, elevated by earnestness and rage, lightened by humour and hormone ….”]


Hmm, Ill Mitch seems a little hoaxy. “I come from Russia to America now I am free to do 3 favorite things. These are rap and ride on my skateboard and hit my boxing bag. But most favorite thing is rap.” Funny, if true. [from memepool]

Here’s a good review of Gigli. The description of the movie as a “bargin-basement version of ‘Rain Main'” is apt. Thanks, Eric Johnson!

Bookbinding models. Bookbinding is an interest of mine—a rather strange one, I’ll concede—that I’ve never pursued. So is printing in general. One day, mister, one day.


Google Labs has a new experiment: Google News Alerts. These are alerts about a topic you select that get sent to your email address as they come in or once a day. It’s a quick and easy way to follow the news throughout the day.

Got my first News Alert on topic “bishop”—I figured it would get results pretty quick—and it’s just link after link after link. Neat!

If you thought was bad, Tub Girl is infinitely worse. WARNING: This is gross in the extreme. Retching is probable.

There are two ways to look busy at work: 1) look and act frustrated (according to George Costanza) and 2) use your computer. Kuro5hin has a guide to the latter. For the record, I think you should try to be as productive as possible though I find this guide quite amusing.

Fun with Google’s New Synonym Operator presents a way to see what synonyms Google registers for its new “~” operator.

[UPDATE: GoogleGuy points out the “|” operator that functions exactly like “OR”.]

GoogleWatch meet GoogleWatch-Watch. [via evhead]

The Libertarian National Socialist Green Party bills itself as the merger of the “best aspects of Green and Libertarian ideology with nationalism.” Their platform is all things to all people yet tinged with a fundamental stain: racism and the Nazi association. What brainiac came up with this crap?


Fads sound crazy in hindsight. Many fads are so faddish that it’s impossible to remember them or even their attraction. highlights the most memorable fads and segregates them by decade. No matter what the decade, I just don’t get flagpole sitting: why you would want to do it and more why you would want to watch it being done.

A well-designed site, revels in hatred for the potato bug. Describing itself as “dedicated to the fabrication and perpetuation of fear, hate, and disgust for the Potato Bug,” the site features pictures, e-cards, surprisingly active message boards, and articles. The potato bug is definitely scary looking, but around here I’ve always heard the potato bug name applied to what are also known as pill bugs.

Undeniable Proof That Paul McCartney was Replaced with a Lookalike. I think that anything on the Internet asserting that it is undeniable proof is wide open to denial. If Paul McCartney was in fact replaced in 1966, then they found a replacement with equal talent because his post-1966 stuff was just as good as his previous work. My thought is that if it looks like a Paul and sounds like a Paul, it probably is a Paul.


From Webdesign-L today comes several sites offering free Web site templates that look pretty good. They seem like a nice, easy solution to knocking out a Web site quickly where the looks aren’t the most important attribute.

The Fantastic Typing CyberMonkey spits out random letters—strangely, though, no numbers—at a virtual typewriter. This is like Seti@Home; we need volunteers to keep a watch on it looking for any Shakespearean dialogue.