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One of the most annoying types of spam are chain letters. There are several sites dedicated to stamping out urban legends, hoaxes, and rumors. wants to be your online source for chain letter evaluation. Other sites are old and outdated or thorough but unsearchable. takes itself very seriously, even allowing you to sign up to receive its twice-monthly bulletins. It’s even got some real recent ones.

To my mind, the site’s true power is the search engine, which allows you to put in a choice phrase and find matches. You can quickly discern if what you’re reading is completely bogus or just needs more investigation. If you’re not sure, you can submit one for consideration.


Cute parody of Christina Aguilera’s song Dirty.


Make Glen get his groove on.


Here’s a comprehensive guide to custodial work in Disneyworld. When I say comprehensive, I mean it.

I’m sure you’re all familiar with emoticons, those textual versions of happy and frowny faces (e.g., :-), ;-), :-(, etc.)

Apparently, the Japanese also have these. Because of the nature of their alphabet and the way computers encode their alphabet, they can fit more characters into the same space. This allows for tremendous variations on emoticons including ones that represent “get angry inwardly,” “deny strongly,” and “sorry, please take care of that affair for me.” Kind of makes 😛 (“sticking out tongue”) look pathetic.

What do you get when you cross a sauna with a Saab? A Saunaab, of course!

Why? Why not.


60s era boys room in 1/16 scale: obsession writ small.

1/16/2003 is a place to share ticket stubs and the stories that go along with them. Interesting idea, though still kind of weird.

The dominant purpose of this blog is to showcase the amazing stuff that people put on the Web. The links I publish here are but a fraction of the ones I encounter. I try to only put up the cream of the crop: the ones that amaze me most that are family-friendly. Most of the ones that I don’t publish are either obscure or potentially offensive.

Here’s a couple of the more obscure ones that I’ve collected:

Phew, it’s good to get those off my chest.


If you have a digital camera and bring it with you on to the plane, security will ask you to take a picture to prove that it’s not some miniaturized thermonuclear device—presumably. Of course, someone’s got a web site filled with the pictures taken at this time.


Before Dr. Seuss became famous for his skill at lexical invention, he was an illustrator of ads. The University of California at San Diego has a great exhibit of his works in this period.


Not to get too Star-Wars-fan-y on you guys, but here’s a text movie of Jar-Jar Binks’ death.

Like Red Lobster’s Cheddar Bay biscuits? Check out, a site that tries to replicate popular foodstuffs. Their recipes aren’t always spot on, but they’re close enough for the average taste bud.


If you have a TiVO, you might want to check out one of its Easter eggs: skipping 30-seconds ahead. Chaining these together will enable you to skip commercials entirely. Wow! Now I really wish I had one.