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Obsessed with Star Wars? Then you probably already know about Star Wars origami, but maybe you need to go again.


Guide to Movie Physics examines the flawed understanding of physics displayed by Hollywood. Surprisingly, Spider-Man didn’t fare too well.


Oh, and then there’s the original one: the Oracle of Bacon. Everyone knows about the six degrees of Kevin Bacon game, but now you can verify it. You can do an oracle for anyone.

Here’s a surprisingly addictive pastime: The Oracle of Elvis. What you do is put in an actor’s name and it will tell you how many degrees of separation between that actor and the King.

I’ve tried and tried and tried and tried, but I can’t get higher than three degrees of separation using Megan Follows. If you can get more than three, let me know.


Fun Flash game. You’ve got to love a game featuring a monkey in a spacecraft collecting fruit. Here’s another one featuring a grub.



Froogle is Google for online shopping. Wow!


Look Down!

Latest entrant into dumb car modifications: teeth for your Mazda Miata’s grill.


Interesting diversion: games played on form buttons. Visit and you’ll understand.

I’m a web developer and probably more sensitive than most to bad design. When things don’t work as you expect or are difficult to use, I get frosted. is just the place to get a guy like me torqued. Apparently, I am not alone in my disdain for unusable stuff. The site is replete with unusable cell phones, annoying oatmeal lids, confusing controls, and weird designs.

Don’t even get me started about bad designs with unclear messages.