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The Newest Swedish Sensation: A Bovine Quartet. Click on the cows to get them to sing.


Here’s an amazing page that features a couple who have had their pictures taken on the same day striking the same pose since 1978. This is seriously neat; I’ve always thought that it would be a great idea to do this. Now I know it.

Ever been watching a TV show and miss a reference or not exactly understand what they’re alluding to? FootnoteTV is here to help. The site provides footnotes to a vast number of TV shows stretching back several years.

The most recent Saturday Night Live is one good example. It features extended essays analyzing the privatization of Social Security and the potential Republican victory in the federal elections (the episode aired prior to the election). Okay, some of it’s admittedly tedious. The Law & Order footnotes are pretty interesting, though, because they indicate which cases the TV cases are based on.