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The enduring popularity of Gallagher would indicate that you people might enjoy a page describing a series of “experiments” whereby a heavy weight is dropped from high up onto things that were not intended to have heavy weights dropped on them. Funny, but not as funny as his “experiments” with a cannon shooting things that were not meant to be shot.

I’ve featured nice kitty sites on this page before, but here’s a new one on me: stories of the evil that kittens can do. The dark side of kittendom, indeed.


Wow: a two-headed turtle!


I found another great The Simpsons site. It is amazing in its breadth: compiled lists, character bios, episode guides, and a huge number of frequently asked questions.

The compiled lists are astounding. From a list of video games that appear in the show to a list of stores in the Springfield Mall, this is taking fan obsession to a whole new level. I love it!

You may also want to check out this map of Springfield.

Duke’s Emergence of Advertising in America online exhibit does one of my favorite styles of history: evolutionary history. It’s a way to see growth, change, and prominence over a period of time.

The timeline is thorough and the categorization is great. The site details the rise of the advertising house, Kodak ads, tobacco ads, and much more.