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Sorry for the longish absence. Blogger, the service we use to maintain this blog, was having trouble accessing our layout. Long story short, it figured it out and we’re back to our normally unscheduled operations…

Umm, I can’t recall ever seeing Conference Bikes, ungainly contraptions that seat seven. Yes, seven. It’s a feat of engineering and chutzpah at the same time. And it’s only 9500 Euros ($9,336.94) to boot!

If your needs run more romantic than business (I guess that’s the type of conference they’re implying), may I suggest that you check out the Love Bike instead? It’s heart-shaped and can hold champagne.*

* Painting in the Park encourages safe freaky biking. If you’re going to drink and you’ve bought this strange bike, please be responsible. And bring it by the shop so that we can laugh at it.