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The Morning News features a story about towns that were decimated by a single event. Interesting, in that I had never heard of such incidents yet their gravity should have spread their plight further.


In debt? Karyn was to the tune of $20,000. Being the slacker netizen she is, she put up a begging site. Happily, she’s only up to $160.64 so far. I say happily because I strongly believe that she should get herself out of her own mess, not because I enjoy the misery of others.


Continuing on with the theme of odd sites that feature pictorials of odd subjects, I present to you This site has pictures of jalopies, hoopties, and boom-de-ottas of all persuasions. Check out the one-liners section for some good chortles.I found it via Yahoo! Daily Picks.

7/9/2002 hosts pictures of mattresses found in the wild streets (seemingly, they’re only in California). Bizarre…


After seeing the fireworks at the Peoria Sports Complex on Independence Day, I wanted to find out how they do it. This MSNBC report details the science behind fireworks. It’s also got a neat Flash demonstration.

If you (or your children) want more, check out some of these sites.


Curious about first names? Probably not, but this site offers so much information about first names that the sheer weight of it all generates interest. They’ve got French names, German names, and mythological names. One caveat: the ancient Egyptian names lean too heavily towards pharaohs—I was really interested in the most popular peasant or high priest names. Oh well, can’t have everything I guess!


Everybody likes kittens. knows this and exists to let you see a whole bunch of the cutest little kittens this side of posters. According to the site, this is the cutest kitten. I, personally, prefer this one.


Cool Lego site with some neat Lego mathematical representations.