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Go on a complete visual tour of Matthew McClintock’s home. Why? Well, regular readers will understand the absurdity of that question. I’m going to keep checking in, if for no other reason than to see how long it takes these contents of his home to be transferred to another party. *ahem*

Fun Flash movie of a rabbit holding on to your cursor.

Omigosh! If you like skyscrapers, I have just the site for you. Appropriately named Skyscraper Page, this site offers everything a skyscraper afficionado needs.Diagrams is the only section currently available. This is a shame because the skylines and photos sections sound great. The diagram section itself has a superb search interface and categorizations.


Like cats? Like boxing? This site‘s for you!


Interesting essay on the pleasures of cooking.


On a somewhat related note, here’s a funny site featuring pictures of people posing with statues in inappropriate ways. I’m sure there’s many of you who have done the same sort of thing—I’ll admit that I’ve done it before as well.

Apparently, there’s something called a “phoon” that involves posing as if you were captured while running. Naturally, then, there’s a huge web site dedicated to capturing phooning around the world and compulsively organizing it. The site,, is very well done, available in several different languages, and organized way more than one could imagine. This one is my favorite of the whole lot.


Funny and odd lists. Updated frequently.

Some interesting search engine games. Enjoy them with Google or Alta Vista.