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The Louvre is going to put all of its 35,000 exhibits online. Bookmark that one!

Interested in buying an island? I know of one reader that is. This one’s for you, Larry. Forbes has several articles about this very subject. Think of the peace and quiet!

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it’s been great for humanity.

Curiosity abounds on the Internet as well. Look at Ask Yahoo!, where you can ask interesting questions and they’ll post answers to them. Want to know how stuff works? Try the appropriately-named Or check out a site offering the whole truth and nothing but the truth. For the more visual among you, visit The Rudiments of Wisdom Cartoon Encyclopedia, a series of cartoons that boil down sometimes complex subjects into a couple of frames.

The notion that the Internet is a weird, wonderful, and useful place is one that is held dear by yours truly. It is also a recurring theme of this page. Finding a site that highlights the art of pen spinning makes me glad to live in this day and age.

A new exhibit by the Nevada State Museum showcases five decades of women’s fashion from the 1920s through the 1960s. They suggest that this is just the start; it should be interesting to see more turn-of-the-century fashions.


English has many errors. This site chronicles many of them. Well, a lot of them.

This guys got a lot of axes to grind with English speakers. He hates it when people talk about going to the ATM machine and entering their PIN numbers.

To be perfectly fair though, he does shoot down a lot of non-errors that people commonly assume to be errors, like you can’t split infinitives or end a sentence with a preposition. One non-error that someone recently accused the Webmaster of perpetrating is skewered here. You know who you are…

Interesting bug of the day: the Hawaiian Happyface Spider.


Here’s a site that gives letter grades to the world’s flags. The failing grades are perhaps the funniest: he describes Mozambique’s flag, which he gives a 37% score, thusly “Automatic weapons on a flag are especially bad. Appears to have been designed by a committee all of whom had stupid ideas for pictures of extra things to put on the flag.” Hilarious.

I’m sure that some of you have digital cameras. Here’s an interesting story about a guy who dropped his camera into a pond. After lengthy drying, it now takes pictures with surreal colors, halos, and other distortions. In fact, two pictures of the same scene taken one after another would yield different effects. The effect is beautiful, but I wouldn’t suggest doing this at home!


Shake It Baby is a pretty cool Flash movie. Don’t worry, it’s family- and work-safe.


Remember the Ford-Firestone tire recall? Of course you do, it was a huge nightmare for Ford and Firestone. What do you think Ford did with all of those tires? This article reveals their fate.

Confused by all the patron saints in Catholicism? With over 3,500 of them, it’s easy to be. The Patron Saints Index seeks to help you out. You learn many things from the site, including that Saint Gertrude is the patron saint of fear of mice and rats. That’s helpful to know.

Luckily, the site avoids the blasphemous commercial potential and doesn’t have an online store.

For fans of Food Network‘s Good Eats cooking show, Alton Brown has a great web site. As an unabashed fan myself, I can’t recommend his show enough.

His show is intelligent: you get an understanding of the principles of cooking so that you really learn more in an episode than just how to make a particular recipe. He brings in food scientists to explain the physics of cooking. And he’s got hilarious, creative show titles. And, more importantly, he never says bam.

Like trivia? We do. Here’s some neat sites on the subject: Mr. Smarty Pants, Useless Facts Collection, Useless Facts, and Useless Knowledge.

Talk about your self-deprecatory web sites. Knowledge is Power and The Certainty Site take a different tact.

This site bills itself as the “ultimate, definitive, guide [sic] to Clark Kent’s ties.” I don’t suppose anyone is going to dispute that. *ahem*


People are always trying to do crazy stuff with their computers. Some guy decided that he wanted to try to fry an egg using the heat generated by the computer chip inside. Yep, he took pictures. Check it out!