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The United States Geological Survey has a huge site for bird watchers called the Patuxent Bird Identification InfoCenter. If you ever need to figure out that you really saw a Neotropic Cormorant, this is the place for you!

If you’ve got some aggression you need to release, find someone with this suit and start your engines!


Here’s a cool collection of travel-related items from the 1920s and 1930s. It’s Art Deco at its peak.


A site called The Secret Lives of Numbers examines the frequency and possible importance of numbers using custom software and examining the search engines. They then created a Java applet to visualize these patterns. Sounds terribly boring, right? Probably important though incomprehensible? Well, that’s true, but it is interesting. Click on the Visualization link after reading their brief introduction. Once the applet loads, pick a number between 1 and 1,000,000. 1492’s an obvious one. 90210 is another. Click on the number and then click on the button labelled “Get This Number’s Associations” to see all the things bearing that number.It’s well executed and yields some interesting findings: most of the numbers above 10,000 are only significant as ZIP codes and that there’s something on the Net that chronicles the top 219 MIDI sites. Go figure.


Here’s a site that showcases forensic artists’ work, visually reminding us how amazing it is that these sketches ever lead to arrests.


If you dread Valentine’s Day and want something amusing to cheer you up, check out Despair Inc.‘s new new line of anti-Valentine’s Day heart candies called BitterSweets. You’ll get messages like “See Other People,” “I Need Space, Money,” and “I Deserve Better.” Hilarious stuff from a hilarious company—they also make parodies (called Demotivators) of those motivational posters that everyone hates.


The Museum of Online Museums is a virtual museum of other virtual museums (a metamuseum, perhaps?). The site links to other sites that house collections.Some of the more interesting ones include conventional exhibits like The Leaded Glass of Frank Lloyd Wright and Classic Print Advertising as well as the utterly bizarre like Air Sickness Bag Virtual Museum, Museum of Soviet Calculators, The Gallery of Misused Quotation Marks, and the Museum of Unworkable Devices. Other collections include Japanese manhole covers, Soviet automobiles, and vintage fruit crate labels.


Check out the innovative uses of Flash at the Guggenheim Online. If you have a cable modem or DSL, check out the broadband section.


This new sport would have been great on Super Bowl Sunday. I’m just sorry I didn’t find it in time for your barbequing satisfaction.