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Here’s a site that is obsessed by names. It is like a name portal. Want to know names of vegetables in European languages? Curious about people who a first name for a last name? Who wouldn’t be! This site has it all, including the top 100 men’s names in early medieval Ireland. If that isn’t everything, I don’t want to know what is!


You know those 555 numbers they always show in movies? Someone’s compiled a directory of them. I don’t know why and I don’t know why anyone would visit, but it’s still sort of funny.


Here’s the ultimate SUV. It’s called the MaxiMog, sports seven independent computers, and bills itself as an “expedition system.” I don’t even want to guess at its price!


Neato clock, done using Flash. It would be even better if they made a projector version so it could be a wall clock.


Sorry about the lack of postings, I’ve been very busy keeping up with the recent developments at Apple regarding the new iMac. Painting in the Park and its owners are way into Macs (though not as much as their webmaster).


Condiment Packet Museum. Only on the Web!


You’re familiar with origami, I’m sure. If you’re not, it’s the Japanese art of folding paper into shapes.

Well, this page offers up a niche subset of origami: folding money into shapes. You’ll be surprised what objects and shapes you can create using the instructions on the page.

Grab some dough and anti-bacterial handwash and start folding.