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We’ve all heard urban legends. You know, the one about the lady who kills her poodle by trying to dry him off in the microwave. Or the one about the ax murderer in the back seat of someone’s car. Or crocodiles living in the sewer. Or the one about the man who married his dog.Okay, I made that last one up. It was actually a girl. Hmm, what was my point? Oh yes, there’s a great resource on the Web that catalogs these urban legends and then debunks them. It’s got a great section on the 9/11 tragedy which takes up, among other rumors, the frequently retold story of a tourist stuck on the observation deck of the World Trade Center whose picture was taken moments before impact.Enterprising Web artists took this picture and subjected it to some PhotoShop manipulation. Suddenly, this guy started appearing in lots of other famous scenes. Very creative stuff.