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It amazes me how far some people will go to grab some limelight for their message and agenda. Anti-Coke protesters (that’s Anti-Coca Cola protesters; I don’t know that there is enough support for the other type of Coke to generate protesters) from the Center for Science in the Public Interest recently seized upon the Harry Potter mania to put forth their message. is the source for their online efforts while you may see their offline efforts at the movie theater. Principally, they object to Coca-Cola’s multimillion dollar endorsement deal with Harry Potter, but they also cite the supposed ill effects of avid Coke drinking on children.This recent campaign reminds me of some other ill-conceived campaigns: Got Beer?; Rat Pack Bites Back; or Rip It Out. Many organizations have been able to get attention that they couldn’t otherwise obtain by piggybacking.It’s neat that all of this is available online, even years after the fact.