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It’s amazing what businesses get started on the Internet. With a business model circa the dot-com frenzy, Loving Pup Productions brings us Timeless Mail. This great service allows you to generate emails for loved ones that Loving Pup Productions will then email when you expire. That’s right, you write the emails, die, and they’ll send them to your next of kin.You’d think that this service would be free, but only the business model comes from the dot-com boom. Without venture capitalists and banner advertising to support it, they expect you to fork over an annual fee to cover storage. Uh huh, I think I might just use the old standby: ten cents in paper and fifty cents in envelopes. Mark them with “Don’t Open Until I’m Dead” and you’ve got a low-tech solution that doesn’t depend on server uptime, unfailing businesses, and obsolescence.