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Rebel Alliance Life Insurance: yes, it’s a BYU sketch show but this is a solid premise and execution.


Soviet Soldiers Dancing: Twitter delights, at times.

Grouch: this is well done and funny.


Urban BASEjumping – Fifty In Five: what would possess someone to do this? Look at all the close calls with street poles, for starters. Just do drugs, for crying out loud.


Brand New Roman: your text in rendered using logo letters. {via}


First Ever Life-Size and Drivable LEGO Technic Bugatti Chiron Is a Pioneering Piece of Engineering and Design: very impressive and repairs would be very cheap.


Everybody Dance Now: this is so impressive to me given that it’s just using statistical analysis at its core. {via}


JustWatch: easy way to search for where a movie or TV show can be watched. {via}


Nerf Rival Prometheus MXVIII-20K: 8 rounds per second! Boy this looks like a lot of fun.


Office Classics – Classical Art in Modern Settings: sometimes Reddit is just wonderful.


The Latest Private Jet Amenity Is a Theme Party for Your Children: for when iPads have lost their luster, I suppose. I am trying to not reflexively balk, but it’s tough.


XM42-M Store: world’s most affordable flamethrower. I’m not sure who the target market is, though.


Can today’s cars drive themselves?: this is about Tesla but this is an inherent flaw in automated systems that still require human interventions.


A Russian Oligarch’s $500 Million Yacht Is in the Middle of Britain’s Costliest Divorce: that is a nice ship. The crew is always the one that suffers in a divorce.


Injuries at annual cheese-rolling contest in UK: this is such a ludicrous event—and it’s apparently been going on for centuries. Google Street View goes to the top of Cooper’s Hill.


Incredibles Super-Home: *rolls eyes*.


Gravity Industries: lots of questions about the jet suit specifications but this is damn impressive nonetheless!


MousePoint: stupid, pointless but compelling.


Main Street Coalition: I sure hope this works because the progressive shareholder activism is aggressive and getting bigger.


WebGL Lathe Workshop: I think I’m ready to work in a machine shop now.


BNSF Head On Collision Kismet CA: that is so hard to watch because you know what’s coming. It looks like someone from the other train disembarks at 0:28, but that seems like the worst place to be.


Mothers Day: so disgusting and needlessly divisive.


The RoboRoach Bundle: I had no idea this was so accessible. Read the ethics statement at the bottom for a laugh—it’s a freaking cockroach.

; DROP TABLE “COMPANIES”;– LTD – Overview: classic joke, excellent IT consultancy name.


My hovercraft is full of eels in many languages: if you need this phrase, you’ll probably need it in multiple languages.


Heaps legit links: this is a funny idea, though no one will ever click on your URL even if it’s perfectly safe. For example, Google ->


EUC contest 2016: very impressive! {via}


1999 Toyota Corolla – Fine AF: I kind of want to buy it. (I owned its 1993 predecessor.)


Arrested Development – Star Wars with Ron Howard: nicely done!

Snooty dog owners hijacked NYC park for ‘private’ kennel club: New York values run up against New York values.


Interrogating Zuckerberg: these must be so much fun to make.

United States Returns Thousands of Ancient Artifacts To Iraq: the other important Hobby Lobby case.


Zack Morris Is Trash: a bad guy on a bad show, but now definitively proven. (It’s also available on Amazon Prime Video, which is where I found it.)

Sorry but someone has to say it – Chip and Joanna Gaines do NOT put family first: I, too, don’t see how they can do all the things they do and prioritize family. I suppose we’ll have to wait for their children’s tell-all books to find out for sure.


Crazy Rich Asians Trailer: this looks decent and explicitly ready-made for the Chinese market.


Juicero, Cold Press Juicer for Rich Weirdos: funny teardown.


How to build a house alone: doesn’t look too difficult if you know what you’re doing. (I don’t have any idea what I’m doing.)


Space Auction: bunk of NASA junk. These might be worth buying just to dare that one guy to eat them, you know that guy. [UPDATE: This one’s good for long trips.]


Buy Elon Musk a Couch: has raised ~6x goal in two days to buy furniture for a billionaire. (I’m not normally judgmental about how people spend their money, but come on!)


A Song of Vanilla Ice and Fire: well-crafted version of Ice Ice Baby using Game of Thrones footage.

The Cake Server: holy crap! I am in awe.

Trump vs Talking Heads: very well done.

Deluxe – My Game: simply amazing video by one of my favorite bands.

Paul McCartney Rabbit Hole: not into the Beatles or Sir Paul, but this is exceedingly well done. {via}


Montville Schools’ Failure To Report ‘Fight Club’ Activity ‘Egregious’: in his defense, the teacher didn’t leave a sub plan for him to follow.


Green-haired turtle that breathes through its genitals added to endangered list: isn’t that thwarting natural selection? This thing obviously can’t hack it.

Calvin County: I’m not a Calvin and Hobbes fan but I like the meshing of the styles. (Plus: Opus pisses himself.) {via}


Scott Frederick Wegener charged with making, blowing up improvised explosive devices in Fort Pierce: to be fair, the neighbor did steal his BB gun. Who wouldn’t make an IED to put under the thief’s house or at least try to blow up his chickens.

Items Found During #WeaponSweep: look at all the rope that can’t get cut now thanks to the London police. Phew! (In other news: if you may have committed a crime, manage to escape, and are close enough, they can now spray you so they can maybe find you later.)


How It’s Made – Toilet Paper: mesmerizing. {via}


eGenesis: a George Church company that’s working on growing virus-resistant human organs in pigs. (From an incredible interview he gave on a podcast.)

Stockholm family wraps home in greenhouse to warm up weather: not a bad idea if you live in a very cold climate, I’d say. (I don’t.)


Business owner building his own highway off-ramp: good luck with that. {via}


In Ethiopia, A New Ban On Foreign Adoptions Is About National Pride: this is quite troubling. Who cares if the children are condemned to a life of orphanages or abandonment, they must stay put.

Tesla – Robots are killing it: sometimes the incumbents are doing things a particular way for a good reason.

AirFish 8: like a boat but without all that water drag. I’m amazed that it’s classified as a marine craft rather than an airplane. The corporate video is compelling.


Introducing MARTY, Stanford’s self-driving, electric, drifting DeLorean: mmm, donuts. (More details here.)


Toronto restaurant shocks vegans protesting meat: you want to avoid meat, fine. You want to force me to avoid meat, we’ve got problems. (Frankly, why not throw animal blood—or paint—on them like they would always do to fur wearers.)

David Hogg Goes Wild: such a coarsening of the public discourse. This is emotional, demagogic populism—sadly, he’s going to be with us for a long time.


Lists of unsolved problems: this is a great survey of what we don’t know. (Or what we know we don’t know.)


It’s a JOKE!: excellent take on the British travesty. (Lots of warranted cursing.) {via}

Exchange students in Italy set fire by cooking pasta without water: 20-years old is an adult. How do you go through life that long without knowing that pasta is cooked in a microwave?! Geesh. {via}


Train Buffs Are Traveling Cross-Country in Super Luxe Railcars Hitched to Amtrak Trains: they’re called “varnish” but I’d prefer to call them “rail yachts.” I can’t imagine preferring this over private jets though (and I’m definitely in the “train buff” category).


Online Flag Waver: pointless, but pretty impressive.


450 W Grixdale, Detroit, MI 48203: ornate doesn’t even begin to describe this listing. {via}


Intern Crashes LGBTQ SxSW Meetup!: such intolerance.

Painful new engagement ring piercing trend growing in popularity: is there no limit to the efforts to stand out amongst the crowd?


The Politicization of the FBI: outstanding overview of the situation from a very-experienced source.


Fresh Prints of Bills Here: oh my. No. Uh uh.


Inching closer to a DNA-based file system: this is a fascinating glimpse at the future. The information storage density and self-replication ability of DNA makes it a compelling data storage platform.


Student investigated after allegedly saying a math symbol looked: zero tolerance for saying the g-word. The authorities searched his home and decided against criminal charges for the observation, but he may still face discipline at the school. (I know it’s different city and a different agency, but this got investigated thoroughly while actual threats were passed over?!)

This Week in Unnecessary Censorship: also funny.

Inappropriate Laugh Track: so hilarious. There are a ton of them.


The Winter Olympics Feature 2,951 Of The World’s Greatest Athletes, And Also This Woman: by hook or by crook, I suppose. I completely understand how galling it must be to Olympians who actually worked hard to get there.

Jamison Bachman, the Worst Roommate Ever: the range of people in this world will always surprise me.


China wages war on funeral strippers: that’s just weird. Imagine the first family that did this, before it caught on. Awkward!

Plyscraper city – Tokyo to build 350m tower made of wood: I don’t get the impetus behind this at all. What’s wrong with steel?


Passengers Recall ‘Flight From Hell’ After 3-Year-Old Screamed for 8 Hours Straight: I’m surprised no one on board was arrested. I can’t even imagine but I can easily believe it.

Facing the Death Penalty With a Disloyal Lawyer: this is a travesty and I don’t understand how his attorney isn’t facing ethics charges or disbarment. Oyez has more.


How Star Wars The Last Jedi Should Have Ended: damn straight—a huge improvement. {via


Skydio R1: this is pretty slick, might make GoPros obsolete. {via}

The #MeToo era is making dating more confusing: my favorite was the line “men have the power in courtship.” A backlash is surely coming.


‘Super blue blood moon’ leaves Venetian gondolas stranded on dried-up canal banks: it looks so eerie. Poor Venetians have to walk like those Florentine suckers.


The Japanese Office: pretty much nailed it.

Hermione Growth Spurt: funny SNL?!

English Sports: that pretty much nails their inscrutability to me. {via}

Entrepreneur developed a solution to smartphone addiction now used in over 600 U.S. schools: elegant solution, now they just need one for cars.

The #MeToo-Fueled Character Assassination of Nolan Bushnell: Brianna Wu is a menace. Her and her ilk want to turn every award into a Woke Award (In Some Category). It’s a social media pitchfork mob.


Jordan Peterson Is Canada’s Most Infamous Intellectual: the makeup/high heels answer is deliberately provocative and a convenient way to dismiss (or deliberately miss) the point he’s making. If you think he’s saying the harassed was asking for it, listen again.

The Biggest Opportunity Everyone Is Missing In Self-Driving Cars: hear, hear!

Vitapods – Pod-Shaped Multivitamins: love this idea. Naturally people are commenting that this is irresponsible. {via}


The blue marble: whoa. {via}


Britain’s Giant Airship: I’ve read his book and it is wonderful. The writing is so compelling.

Live Views of Starman: something about this whole stunt just rubs me the wrong way. The attention whoring? The precious details that put it over the top? The possibility that somehow taxpayers are paying for this malarkey?

Ehang’s passenger-carrying drones look insanely impressive in first test flights: I really thought this was vaporware when it was announced at CES two years ago. The problem—at this point—is much simpler than autonomous cars, but will face a very real coordination problem at scale.


MetPublications: free digital versions of their publications back to 1964. I found this Frank Lloyd Wright one and another on the sculptor Bernini.

The Fascinating Company That Tears Cars Apart To Find Out Exactly How They’re Built: this is an astounding amount of work. (I found out about this company when they revealed some Tesla Model 3 build issues. On that front, I suspect that the quality issues are due to the rumored hand assembly.)


Ass Is The Most Complicated Word In The English Language: this is absolutely hilarious. {via}

Sprawling Maya network discovered under Guatemala jungle: this was presaged by the events in The Lost City of the Monkey God. Far from being a dead field, archaeology is going to have a boom soon just to deal with excavating the findings from LIDAR.


Family fun with deepfakes: I particularly liked his closing paragraph imagining legitimate uses of the technology. (It’s so easy to think of the evil that can be done: Black Mirror‘s “Shut Up and Dance” episode but without having actually done the initial act.) {via}