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Dutch police to ‘undress’ youths wearing clothes deemed too expensive for them: heaven forbid you store a cookie when visiting a Web site without consent. Europe. {via}

Map Showing Where Today’s Countries Would Be Located on Pangea: we’d still be having fights building the wall with Mauritania. {via}

#MeToo and the Taboo Topic of Nature: an informative perspective on the nature of gender. {via}

How McDonald’s Makes Its Fries: that explains why McDonald’s fries are so good and consistent. {via}

Rescue Drone Saves Two Boys from Drowning on Its First Day in Service=: sometimes you just need a good reminder of technology’s utility, especially if you’re a fan of Black Mirror. {via}


What Is NASA’s Asteroid Redirect Mission?: time will tell but I worry that the answer is “the cause of earth’s second mass extinction event.”

Police union slashes number of ‘get out of jail free’ cards issued: normally you’d have to be a diplomat to get that kind of discretionary courtesy. More context here.


Omoshiro Block – A Memo Pad That Excavates Objects as it Gets Used: so very clever. {via}

Tesla Model 3 – The First Serious Review: it almost makes me regret withdrawing my reservation.


Kazakhstan Cheers New Alphabet, Except for All Those Apostrophes: Turkish does seem the obvious route to pursue, but for the stubborn opinion of a doddering dictator. {via}

Hubble just spotted something massive coming out of Uranus: and the news continues. {via}


Melting Toht Candle: great missed opportunity for movie merchandising.

Swiss town denies passport to Dutch vegan because she is ‘too annoying’: she’s married to a Swiss citizen so she’s not going anywhere. {via}


Queen Elizabeth’s Life in Banknotes: neat watching a life encapsulated in 20 seconds. If you’d rather read about it, the Washington Post has the text version. {via}


I tried Gold Star Pin: I could see giving these out as gags. {via}

Inside One of America’s Last Pencil Factories: these sorts of windows into things you take for granted are wonderful. I could watch Dirty Jobs and How It’s Made all day.


Off the Wall Response to Rebecca Bright: Mike Rowe is an impressive man and Ms. Bright is the quintessential leftist.


What are some slang terms a 50 year old dad can say to his daughter to embarrass her?: this is great stuff, even though I don’t understand half of it. {via}


3 football player vs 100 kids player in Japan: it sure took them awhile to score. Geesh. {via}

Cops searching for suspect with Social Security face tattoo: it does make filling out a job application easier.


Google Maps’s Moat: this is an impressive insight into Google’s mapping efforts. (It’s also impressive in its depth—I’d highly recommend looking at his other essays.)


Death of Man in Skyscraper Fall in China Puts a Spotlight on ‘Rooftopping’: it’s unfortunate but inevitable. I hope people stop doing this.


Hooked On The Past – Exploring the history of architecture: the proprietor recreates demolished buildings digitally, providing a valuable service. The recreation of the Paulson house, for example, is so much more vivid than the elevations I had seen previously.

Pumped for the Future –
Fueling Up at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Visionary Gas Station
: I had heard of this project, but had never seen it.


Netflix Genre List: tens of thousands of genres, including Goofy Deep Sea Movies. {via}


Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen/PIKO-TARO: 80 million views. 80 million.


Mike Rowe Wears Trump’s Robe, Fights a Drone, and Solves the Labor Shortage: such a compelling person and a wonderful interview.


Your Life in Numbers: gives you a little perspective.


The Dizzying Grandeur of 21st-Century Agriculture: the scale is so impressive. It explains why our food has never been cheaper. {via}


Every Joke from ‘Airplane!’ Ranked: my kind of research!


FlossTime: a smart floss dispenser that 20x as expensive (or more if you just use what your dentist gives you). Just one more thing to make you feel bad when you’re looking at the mirror.


Minister Pours Cold Water on ‘Boaty McBoatface’ Plan: if they think that that ship will not forever be known by that name, they’re dead wrong.


An Important Message from Postmodern Jukebox: my favorite band is breaking up. So sad.


Baeumer EP (Profiling machine): terrible background music, but this video demonstrates how eggcrate foam is actually cut straight and gets those peaks and valleys.

Ukulele Batman Vs. Bagpipe Superman – Theme Song Battle: whoa. {via}


Kitbashed: holy moly this is comprehensive. For just one example, look at this exploration of the Millennium Falcon. There is so much there for the film geek.


Flapit: this is a neat little idea but pricey. {via}

Wintergatan – Marble Machine: whoa. Just wow. {via}


CuriosityStream: this looks pretty compelling.


Smart Rope: neat idea but I think putting the LED system at the midsection of the rope is inherently flawed.

Atlas, The Next Generation: wow, but that guy’s a real jerk at 1’30”. Geesh.


Ancient Rome: HBO’s Rome brought ancient Rome to life more, for me. But this is very captivating still. {via}


China’s Enormous Derelict Shopping Mall Does Not Bode Well For Humanity’s Future: wow, that’s such a waste.


Space Tourism Posters @NASAJPL: something tells me NASA isn’t the one to get us to this future, but they are beautiful.


OK Go – Upside Down & Inside Out: if only I liked their music.


Frinkiac: wow. This is a very well done Simpsons quote search engine.


NFL 2016 – Part One: these are always funny.


Watch ‘Sticker Boy’ Troll Hillary’s Iowa Speech: whoa. Looks like he was just having some fun.

What’s Wrong With Craig Venter?: an amazing life and ambition.


The 100 Jokes That Shaped Modern Comedy: very thorough.


Autonomous Aerial Cargo/Utility System (AACUS): this is a cool technology.


VertiGo – A Wall-Climbing Robot including Ground-Wall Transition: what an innovative approach to climbing a wall. I would’ve expected some sort of sticky wheels. {via}


Faraday Future: gah, so tantalizing and mysterious. I want to know more! (Watch the film and wait for CES, I guess.)


The World’s First Underwater Tennis Court Could Cost $2.5 Billion: no amount of assurances would convince me to be a spectator there.

Unheard of Instruments in the Saxophone Family: there sure was a lot of saxophone innovation in the 1920s.


The $75,000 problem for self-driving cars is going away: this is an amazing advance.

flatev: Keurig for tortillas. Only $290 plus 90¢ per tortilla. Sigh.


CafePress Fake Electric Outlet Sticker: this looks super handy!


Later That Same Life: this is a great idea and well-executed. {via}


Caminito del Rey: holy crap. And I thought that trail in China was death-defying! As scary as it is (boy howdy is it scary!), the sobering thought is that people built this in the first place.


80×40: a collaborative ASCII art canvas. Naturally, it quickly devolved. (Click the back arrow and you’ll see what I mean.)


Voices in Your Head: the scene starting at 1:40 had me busting a gut. (The broadcast version lasted much longer and was much funnier.)


“Michael Dell”: that Conan. {via}


Scarfolk Council: blog about a fictional dystopian town trapped in the 1970s. I don’t understand one bit, but it’s well done.


Copter Mommy: sad and true. {via}

Lightest. Metal. Ever.: like aerogel, but metal. Material science is amazing! {via}


Squatty Potty: uh. Their marketing video doesn’t help.


Happy IT Professionals Day: nicely-done video.


Jeep GoPro Selfie Fail and Aftermath: selfie comeuppance. Love it! {via}


I love the Victorian era. So I decided to live in it: uhh, a) I’m glad that these two found each other, b) they sound absolutely insufferable, and c) their story was written by her on a Web site that, by all rights, they should have no idea even exists. Of course they have their own Web site. Money line: “Not everyone necessarily wants to live the same lifestyle we have chosen, of course.” {via}

Battle Sports Inc: Canadians have sublimated anger?

The Tardigrade – Practically Invisible, Indestructible ‘Water Bears’: so weird yet captivating. Here’s some video of them moving under a microscope. {via}


Currant Events: a blog dedicated to the goings-on of a MSNBC show’s plate of pastries. There’s also a Twitter account.


Fake A Baby: weird. {via}

360° Camera: drag around the video to see different scenes. It’s pretty impressive. {via}


Why drivers in China intentionally kill the pedestrians they hit: absolutely sickening. {via}

Russians are Scary: he makes a good point. {via}


Huge wave hits cruise ship: yikes! {via}

Star Wars’ adorable, impossible droid is real – Our impressions: wow, that is really slick. $150 is too pricey for me, but it’s definitely worth it.


The World’s Best Travel Jacket: uhh, wanted $20K and got $8.7M with 10 hours left to go?! That is bananas!

Lolo Lids: no one bats an eye at chugging coffee.


Showerthoughts: these beat anything from Neil deGrasse Tyson. {via}


Dismaland: I feel like they’ve really captured its essence.


Ridiculous Sky Pool Lets People Swim Between Buildings: ridiculous is right but, man, that first time would be great.


Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That: how did I miss this? Dang.


A Bad Lip Reading of the Republican Debate: whoa, that was hilarious.

Banksy Dismaland show revealed at Weston’s Tropicana: go visit nihilism-land and hate yourself!


The PocketLab: I love the idea of this but I’m struggling to come up with a use for it.


At Amazon, Employees Treat the Bathroom as an Extension of the Office: never worked there but I’ve worked at places where people took and made calls from the bathroom.

The Japanese Have Just Perfected the Skateboard: yeah, I’d agree. Except… none of the video show the user with neck bent and head down texting or scrolling through Instagram. {via}


Researcher makes himself into a GOAT with prosthetics to follow herd in the Alps: species is a social construction. “Funded by the government.” You don’t say! {via}

Amazing Tongue Twister Rap: forget the tongue twister impressiveness, that’s some serious breath work. {via}

Donald Trump, Through the Ages: very well done. {via}

The Incredible Chemistry Set: $600 for the whole kit and kaboodle seems awfully high but I like the idea a lot. {via}


Casa Brutale: very stark but utterly lovely. {via}


How to Remove a Stain: I’m sure there’s an easier way, but this one seems to work.


Build A 300-Mile Wall Around SF During Burning Man: he’s really thought this through.

“Server Couldn’t Ignore the Things She ‘Overheard’ Two Firefighters Say During Breakfast”: ignore the “what happened next” headline. This is an uplifting story about kindness and generosity on all sides.


This is the Most 3D GIF to Ever 3D: whoa. Here’s more. {via}

Arduino AR-15 Sentry Gun: pretty slick, but the training is pretty weak. Colors only? I agree with one of the commenters: OpenCV would make this more useful—video mentions it—and Airsoft would make it more legal. {via}