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Batman and Robin’s Falling Out: memes plus voiceover really works here. Favorite YouTube comment: “I love how Batman concedes to every point that robin makes, it feels like if he had just spoken up sooner a lot of these problems would’ve been resolved and they’ll probably develop a better working relationship after this” {via}

Wonders of Street View: quite a rabbit hole.


Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band – Jaan Pehechan Ho: love this take!


Your Brain-Gun: Turn the Safety Off: hilarious parody from The Onion in a series of parodies of TED Talks. “Shooting with intellectual blanks.” (More here.)


GPS: fantastic, thorough, and interactive explanation.


How Cell Service Actually Works: this is a clear and helpful explanation of a stupendously-complicated topic.


Virtual Ancient Rome in 3D: impressive work! I enjoy the detail and expanse but it’s bereft of people—thus barren and lifeless. (One thing you notice is how much statuary there was.)


How To Get Your Picky Toddler To Finish All Of Their Foie Gras: I’ll have to try the tip about shaping it into a fleur-de-lis—that seems like a solid suggestion.


The Killdozer: depraved actions of an insane man, but quite methodical and singularly focused.


Reddit Reads: what a resource! You can put in any subreddit and see what’s most talked about there, like /r/biology or /r/showerthoughts. {via}


Disney Imagineering’s Project Kiwi is a free-walking robot that will make you believe in Groot: I don’t know if I’d go that far but it’s pretty damn sophisticated. { -->

Extreme autotomy and whole-body regeneration in photosynthetic sea slugs: two species of sea slug can shed their bodies (including heart) and regenerate them from their heads. Oh, don’t worry, there’s video…


The Antikythera Mechanism: a series attempting to recreate the mysterious ancient Greek device. There’s also scholarly interest, of course.

Clash: this is jarring but fun. {via}

Mercedes-Benz Museum: this really gives a sense of the space—though it’s far too rapid to replace a visit—and I look forward to this becoming a thing that happens regularly. {via}


Sweden Solar System: neat, seemingly organic representation of celestial bodies.


deeptomcruise: fun deepfake videos that illustrate how terrible the future is going to be. Imagine if totalitarian regimes had these in the past! No need for show trials.

Mars Decoder Ring – Secret Message on NASA’s Perseverance Rover’s Parachute: fun Easter egg that will likely never be found in situ. I like the idea of “dare mighty things.”

Iceberger: surprisingly satisfying.


Watch real video of Perseverance’s Mars landing: so moving and impressive.


LEGO Colosseum: over nine thousand pieces.


Monkeyball Masterclass: funny parody of those ads.


5 to 9 by Dolly Parton: this is such a great commercial. It’s on brand, clever, and inspiring.


‘Gorilla Glue girl’ Tessica Brown now has a full-time agent: oh, she’s not going to sue her way into riches—companies are going to pay her for her audience. I foresee future viral videos of her confusing tar for her mascara or a TidePod for some candy.


The Princess Bride – Home Movie: whoa. {via}


: this cannot result in a settlement. This cannot result in a settlement.


Delightful Acapella Versions of Familiar Jingles: this is some acapella that doesn’t annoy me.
[UPDATE: Brand new one today!]


Pee-Wee Park: exquisitely-crafted trailer—seamless to my eye.


Epic NPC Man: funny Web series about the life of a supporting cast in a fictional RPG. {via}


Charles Bridge Construction: 3D modeling of how the Charles Bridge in Prague was built from 1357 to 1402. Stunning, eye-opening animation.


Steve Inman: he’s an MMA commentator that can’t work due to COVID-19 restrictions so he passes the time by providing color on MMA-worthy “protest” videos. His “Ludacris Cam” segment of this Cone Guy is a particularly inspired choice. Is there a Twitter Emmy?


Smashed Mouths – All Star Deepfake Smashup: not perfect but pretty darn close. {via}


The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife: the same guy who did The Wave also painted this in 1814.


The Flying Train (1902): this is amazing footage and such an inspiring view of alternative modes of transportation from the past. {via}

[UPDATE: Someone colorized and 60fps’d the footage and it adds in some missing realism.]


Landing on the Melbourne Citadel in Microsoft Flight Simulator: the backstory on this is someone mistakenly entered “212” into OpenStreetMap instead of “2” for the number of stories that a building in Melbourne, Australia had. Apparently, the information in OSM is used to generate maps and landmarks in Microsoft Flight Simulator, which just released a new version, and the monstrosity in this video was the result.

[UPDATE (8/21/2020): And the Washington Monument looks less accurate. Found an article with more examples.]


Vocodes: you can make your own David Attenborough voiceovers for your home movies now! {via}

SpongeBob Anime: wow. I’m not a fan of anime but this is an amazing effort. {via}


How does ‘Hamilton,’ the non stop, hip-hop Broadway sensation tap rap’s master rhymes to blur musical lines?: very neat way to look at the complicated rhyme scheme of Hamilton and its influences.

Murphy Ladder: funny and makes me want one. {via}


Gymnasts Try to Keep Up With Parkour Experts: parkour is so beautiful. The informality contrasts interestingly with the formal moves of gymnastics.


Danger Zone – X-Wing Tribute: this works surprisingly well. {via}

Charlie Brooker’s Antiviral Wipe 2020: it’s like a British Last Week Tonight. {via}


Unreal Engine 5 Revealed: this is nummy. {via}


Out of Touch: solid satire.


I Went to Hogwarts for Seven Years and Did Not Learn Math or Spelling, and Now I Can’t Get a Job: yes, the curriculum there lacks in many, many areas.


Lamest edit wars – Wikipedia: so much effort about so little. It’s a microcosm of Wikipedia, if you think about it. {via}


Barbie Of All Trades: in a different era, these would just be miniatures or dioramas. Still impressive! {via}

How Many Rubberbands Can Explode A Watermelon: a question I never knew I had until I found out about this video. {via}


ZoomerBackgrounds: oh, these are perfect!


Engineering Vids: this is likely Just Another Aggregator but it is so compelling to watch.


Project 88: a scene-by-scene, crowdsourced remake of Back to the Future 2 and here’s the result. {via}


Covid 19 Protecting Your Family Dr Dave Price 3 22 2020: great reasonable video from a front-line practitioner in NYC.


CAR vs. WORLD’S STRONGEST TRAMPOLINE- 150ft (45m) drop: it’s 10 seconds of footage expanded out to fifteen plus minutes but that 10 seconds is totally worth it! {via}


Disunited Nations Maps: excellent visualizations from an excellent geopolitical analyst.


Official McDonald’s Clothing and Merchandise: the sesame seed socks are inspired!


Gallium Metal 99.99% Pure 20 Grams: its melting point is 85° so it literally melts in your hand.

2/7/2020 wow, that is one passionate site. The guy literally wrote the book on snowflakes. This is the sort of thing that amazes me about the modern world: specialization is a wondrous thing! {via}

60 fps 4k version of 1896 movie from neural networks: very captivating. He describes the process in the YouTube description and has a colorized version as well.

@royalty_now_: what iconic faces from the past might look like today or in real life. They’re well crafted though obviously suspect.


Was a $280 million emerald destroyed in California wildfire? PG&E is dubious: and they are right to be!


Rebel Alliance Life Insurance: yes, it’s a BYU sketch show but this is a solid premise and execution.


Soviet Soldiers Dancing: Twitter delights, at times.

Grouch: this is well done and funny.


Urban BASEjumping – Fifty In Five: what would possess someone to do this? Look at all the close calls with street poles, for starters. Just do drugs, for crying out loud.


Brand New Roman: your text in rendered using logo letters. {via}


First Ever Life-Size and Drivable LEGO Technic Bugatti Chiron Is a Pioneering Piece of Engineering and Design: very impressive and repairs would be very cheap.


Everybody Dance Now: this is so impressive to me given that it’s just using statistical analysis at its core. {via}


JustWatch: easy way to search for where a movie or TV show can be watched. {via}


Nerf Rival Prometheus MXVIII-20K: 8 rounds per second! Boy this looks like a lot of fun.


Office Classics – Classical Art in Modern Settings: sometimes Reddit is just wonderful.


The Latest Private Jet Amenity Is a Theme Party for Your Children: for when iPads have lost their luster, I suppose. I am trying to not reflexively balk, but it’s tough.


XM42-M Store: world’s most affordable flamethrower. I’m not sure who the target market is, though.


Can today’s cars drive themselves?: this is about Tesla but this is an inherent flaw in automated systems that still require human interventions.


A Russian Oligarch’s $500 Million Yacht Is in the Middle of Britain’s Costliest Divorce: that is a nice ship. The crew is always the one that suffers in a divorce.


Injuries at annual cheese-rolling contest in UK: this is such a ludicrous event—and it’s apparently been going on for centuries. Google Street View goes to the top of Cooper’s Hill.


Incredibles Super-Home: *rolls eyes*.


Gravity Industries: lots of questions about the jet suit specifications but this is damn impressive nonetheless!


MousePoint: stupid, pointless but compelling.


Main Street Coalition: I sure hope this works because the progressive shareholder activism is aggressive and getting bigger.


WebGL Lathe Workshop: I think I’m ready to work in a machine shop now.


BNSF Head On Collision Kismet CA: that is so hard to watch because you know what’s coming. It looks like someone from the other train disembarks at 0:28, but that seems like the worst place to be.


Mothers Day: so disgusting and needlessly divisive.


The RoboRoach Bundle: I had no idea this was so accessible. Read the ethics statement at the bottom for a laugh—it’s a freaking cockroach.

; DROP TABLE “COMPANIES”;– LTD – Overview: classic joke, excellent IT consultancy name.


My hovercraft is full of eels in many languages: if you need this phrase, you’ll probably need it in multiple languages.


Heaps legit links: this is a funny idea, though no one will ever click on your URL even if it’s perfectly safe. For example, Google ->


EUC contest 2016: very impressive! {via}


1999 Toyota Corolla – Fine AF: I kind of want to buy it. (I owned its 1993 predecessor.)


Arrested Development – Star Wars with Ron Howard: nicely done!

Snooty dog owners hijacked NYC park for ‘private’ kennel club: New York values run up against New York values.


Interrogating Zuckerberg: these must be so much fun to make.

United States Returns Thousands of Ancient Artifacts To Iraq: the other important Hobby Lobby case.


Zack Morris Is Trash: a bad guy on a bad show, but now definitively proven. (It’s also available on Amazon Prime Video, which is where I found it.)

Sorry but someone has to say it – Chip and Joanna Gaines do NOT put family first: I, too, don’t see how they can do all the things they do and prioritize family. I suppose we’ll have to wait for their children’s tell-all books to find out for sure.


Crazy Rich Asians Trailer: this looks decent and explicitly ready-made for the Chinese market.


Juicero, Cold Press Juicer for Rich Weirdos: funny teardown.


How to build a house alone: doesn’t look too difficult if you know what you’re doing. (I don’t have any idea what I’m doing.)


Space Auction: bunk of NASA junk. These might be worth buying just to dare that one guy to eat them, you know that guy. [UPDATE: This one’s good for long trips.]


Buy Elon Musk a Couch: has raised ~6x goal in two days to buy furniture for a billionaire. (I’m not normally judgmental about how people spend their money, but come on!)


A Song of Vanilla Ice and Fire: well-crafted version of Ice Ice Baby using Game of Thrones footage.