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The Mystery of the Bloomfield Bridge: quite an exhaustive journey to satisfy his curiosity but I get it.


Ten Thousand Ways to Use Chopsticks: thorough exploration of chopstick holding options.


Landing on the Melbourne Citadel in Microsoft Flight Simulator: the backstory on this is someone mistakenly entered “212” into OpenStreetMap instead of “2” for the number of stories that a building in Melbourne, Australia had. Apparently, the information in OSM is used to generate maps and landmarks in Microsoft Flight Simulator, which just released a new version, and the monstrosity in this video was the result.

[UPDATE (8/21/2020): And the Washington Monument looks less accurate. Found an article with more examples.]

2/7/2020 wow, that is one passionate site. The guy literally wrote the book on snowflakes. This is the sort of thing that amazes me about the modern world: specialization is a wondrous thing! {via}


Mothers Day: so disgusting and needlessly divisive.


Tesla – Robots are killing it: sometimes the incumbents are doing things a particular way for a good reason.


Toronto restaurant shocks vegans protesting meat: you want to avoid meat, fine. You want to force me to avoid meat, we’ve got problems. (Frankly, why not throw animal blood—or paint—on them like they would always do to fur wearers.)

David Hogg Goes Wild: such a coarsening of the public discourse. This is emotional, demagogic populism—sadly, he’s going to be with us for a long time.


Student investigated after allegedly saying a math symbol looked: zero tolerance for saying the g-word. The authorities searched his home and decided against criminal charges for the observation, but he may still face discipline at the school. (I know it’s different city and a different agency, but this got investigated thoroughly while actual threats were passed over?!)


The Winter Olympics Feature 2,951 Of The World’s Greatest Athletes, And Also This Woman: by hook or by crook, I suppose. I completely understand how galling it must be to Olympians who actually worked hard to get there.


The #MeToo-Fueled Character Assassination of Nolan Bushnell: Brianna Wu is a menace. Her and her ilk want to turn every award into a Woke Award (In Some Category). It’s a social media pitchfork mob.


ACLU – Trump’s America is Exclusionary: this is not a winning strategy for them.


Kitbashed: holy moly this is comprehensive. For just one example, look at this exploration of the Millennium Falcon. There is so much there for the film geek.


Scarfolk Council: blog about a fictional dystopian town trapped in the 1970s. I don’t understand one bit, but it’s well done.


I love the Victorian era. So I decided to live in it: uhh, a) I’m glad that these two found each other, b) they sound absolutely insufferable, and c) their story was written by her on a Web site that, by all rights, they should have no idea even exists. Of course they have their own Web site. Money line: “Not everyone necessarily wants to live the same lifestyle we have chosen, of course.” {via}


Currant Events: a blog dedicated to the goings-on of a MSNBC show’s plate of pastries. There’s also a Twitter account.


How I Gave Up Alternating Current: perhaps unsurprising, the creator of Soylent is a kook. {via}


10 “Seinfeld” episodes that are racist and sexist in retrospect: an article about nothing. {via}


Green Dawn: sub-reddit for photos of army men in public places. Of course it exists. {via}


Wikipedian in Residence for Gender Equity: why is tuition so expensive? {via}


Suicides account for most gun deaths: you hear about 30,000 gun-related deaths each year and you think, “It’s the Wild West out there, man!” But 60% of those are suicides, which puts a different spin on violence in America.


Anonymous Attacks Westboro Baptist Church Over Plans to Picket Sandy Hook Funerals: something about “two wrongs” springs to mind. Free speech must still be defended, no matter how vile the speaker


LunchboxAwesome: I wonder if the kid appreciates it.


“Another Challenge for Ethical Eating – Plants Want to Live, Too”: I fully support those who would be persuaded by this sort of thing in their quest to abstain from eating anything.


The LOST Underground Art Show: that’s some pretty wacky fan art there. {via}


Christian Side Hug: O. M. G. W. T. F. {via}


Wizrocklopedia: blog about wizard rock. In other news, there is such a thing as “wizard rock.” {via}


Better Off Dead Camaro: details one man’s quest to own a car from a forgettable 80s movie. {via}


Evolution: let’s say that I disagree with the sentiment, but it’s artfully executed propaganda.


Palin as President: click around, you betcha. {via}


Sad Guys on Trading Floors: another niche blog.


“PETA Urges Ben & Jerry’s To Use Human Milk”: they’re becoming a caricature of themselves. Yay!


America the Gift Shop: a little too hostile to America, but well executed concept. {via}


Suspicious Vans: I’d say this one wins top prize. Related: “Van Man” {via}


“PETA wants to advertise vegan message on border fence”: PETA, ever farcical, has become a parody of itself. Money quote: “We think that Mexicans and other immigrants should be warned if they cross into the U.S. they are putting their health at risk by leaving behind a healthier, staple diet of corn tortillas, beans, rice, fruits and vegetables.” Sorry, one more: “[the message] might even be frightening enough to deter people from crossing into the U.S.”


Sydney, Australia to Los Angeles, California: Lost would have been very different using these directions. (And what’s with the Washington detour?)


Dance Off with the Star Wars Stars 2008: wait for the third entrant, it’s worth it. Also, get a life, people. {via}


“Alien Video – Puppet or real E.T.”: the initial article I read raised a number of red flags: infrared camera, only head peering through window, five years ago, guy had had hundreds of encounters including abduction, claims of authenticity from film analyst. But this article solidified my suspicions: these people are the loony fringe, the UFO true believers.


The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement: yikes, what an awful premise! Though maybe the kind of people who would participate are exactly the ones that shouldn’t be reproducing. Hmm.


“Why Can’t a Woman Be More Like a Man?”: excellent article on gender bias in the sciences in academia. It shows the frightening attack to impose Title IX on science and engineering in higher education. The obvious agenda behind this is absolutely sickening.


Kill the Cliché: it’s true that journalists are guilty of being trite, but they’re more often guilty of being non-objective. {via}

Comment on “My Answer to Andrew Revkin”: excellent description of nearly every climate change enthusiast I’ve ever come across.


Go Daddy Refutes Censorship Claim: the truth finally comes out. The retractions may commence.


Rural Mysteries of the North Fork Polygon: and you thought jerrymandering was only done in politics! At first, I thought this site was the demented ravings of a paranoiac but after careful consideration I now think it’s the demented ravings of an area booster.


The Biggest Star Wars Collection in the Galaxy: wow, that’s dedication. It doesn’t appear to be for sale like other huge collections but it’s nice to look at.


“Apple’s ‘Green’ Notebook Doesn’t Impress Environmentalists”: Greenpeace is at it again, bullying Apple about using any materials they find objectionable. Oh wait, it’s not bullying because they’re singling out the manufacturer with the lowest market share. And there’s no evidence that Apple is an environmental troublemaker. But why let such things stop your publicity whoring? {via}

Tom Cruise Scientology Indoctrination Video: my initial reaction was peals of laughter followed by confusion as to why they kept quick-cutting his sentences. Then I realized that this was a serious endeavor and that that’s how he talks. Sweet mama pajama!


“Abusing Children in the Name of God”: ugh, the children did not ask to be born to wackjobs. Absolutely disgusting.


Global Orgasm for Peace: it’s in two days, people. Take matters into your own hands, if necessary. It’s for peace, fer chrissakes.


Die Electric: transforms electrical outlets into non-electric uses. Because using electricity is bad, you’re killing the earth you insensitive prick. *rolls eyes*


“Sudan Protesters – Execute U.K. Teacher”: seriously, WTF! WTHF. My mind is boggled. At least Scientology’s finally been beaten for most difficult PR job, religion category. {via}


“Google Criticized for Honoring ‘Anti-Israel’ Author on Rosh Hashanah”: Google must therefore be anti-Semitic. So is anyone that attended one of these. Or whomever owns a Ford or has ever bought a Ford. Like it or not, both men were important to our culture—and their contributions were wholly unrelated to their repulsive views. {via}


Arrested at Circuit City: those looking for trouble usually find it. I especially bristled at calling 911 over this. This a-hole got arrested because he gave the cop he requested a hard time after giving Circuit City employees a hard time because he wouldn’t show them his receipt. I hope he gets hard time. Best comment (from a followup). {via}


Walmartopia: I hesitate to even link to it, but it had me laughing out loud at how ridiculous the premise is. This interview with the producers confirmed that the inanity was there from the start. Anti-Wal-Mart sentiments bug me greatly since it’s not like Wal-Mart’s 1.8 million employees have guns to their heads or the customers contributing to its $312 billion in sales were forced to shop there.


“Some Potter fans find pages missing”: I’m not sure which part I find more disturbing, that the lady emitted an actual scream at discovering the mistake, that she had gone on “lock down” on receiving the book, or that she had ordered a backup copy of the book beforehand. Well, there’s also the fact that some Potterheads are keeping the misprinted books as “collector’s items.” *sigh*


“Update on Duke’s wireless network and Apple’s iPhones”: looks like their ploy to increase enrollment by piggybacking on the iPhone buzz backfired! {via}


The iPhone is a piece of shit, and so is your face: evidently, this guy prefers the Nokia E70 to the iPhone. Me, I always thought that Nokia that made messages in the air when you waved it to and fro was the height of cool. {via}

Baio Watch: who’s the boss, eh? Eh? Oh, that was a different guy? Who’s this loser then?


“Residents of Oregon town say shape of traffic posts is offensive”: it’s just pattern recognition, people. Like this.

[UPDATE (7/13/2007): BoingBoing, as usual, is all over this one.]


A Message From CBS Entertainment: looks like it worked! This is definitely one for the zealotry category.


I Hate Crocs: uhh, okay. Oh my, two o’clock already. *cuckoo* *cuckoo*


A Statement from CBS Entertainment: I Dugg this. The seasonseries finale pissed me off so much! It’s an engrossing show and I’d hate to have to make up my own ending to tie up all the loose stories.


NEXT WEEK, I AM GOING TO KILL MYSELF FOR PEACE: I predict that two weeks from now there will be no peace though we will be down one futile person with no sense of irony.


Project Laundry List: they’re all about fighting for the right to hang up clotheslines. And stopping nuclear power.


One Day Blog Silence: uh uh, not going to happen.


Saving the Earth – The Biodiesel Bus Blog: Sheryl Crow suggests that we need to make do with one square of toilet paper per visit (or at most three if you’ve got diarrhea). You’re still killing trees, Sheryl, and committing the Earth to a certain destruction. I, for one, advocate what I like to call “the shit towel.” And I really like her idea for a reality show involving who can live the greenest life: naturally, the winner will be the one to kill himself so that he will become truly zero emissions and can gracefully biodegrade into something useful. Save us from these sanctimonious celebrities and their prescriptions for how we should live.


Security Patterns: Flickr photoset that features photographs of envelope security patterns from around the world. For some reason. {via}


Frog Kitty: funny enough.


Uncivil Servants: blog about civil servants parking illegally in New York City. Maybe that gets your goat.


The Onion Infograph on The Secret: awesome peg-removal of The Secret (Wikipedia entry).


Beating the EPA: a guide to hypermiling by one of its foremost practitioners. {via}


Ghostbusters Prop Archive: make your own ghostbusting equipment. {via}


World Mapper: interesting maps that purport to show exactly how bad the United States is. Because we’re bigger on the maps. It’s disgusting, really. {via}

3/5/2007 advocates for the nude slumber.


Galactic Times: Star Wars version of The Onion. Awesome, in a nerdy way. {via}


Washington Defense of Marriage Alliance: this initiative made absolutely no sense until I read that it was from gay rights activists. I love exposing hypocrisy, but what if this thing got passed? It’s a little subtle and there’s probably a bunch of people who believe exactly that.


“B.C. intervened to save 3 sextuplets after 2 died”: ugh, how can anyone subscribe to a religion that requires this. It’s absolutely monstrous.


The Blasphemy Challenge: record yourself denying the existence of God and you can get a documentary about atheism on DVD. Whatever floats your boat, I suppose. {via}


Every MythBusters Myth ON ONE PAGE: it’s not what I would call usable but it is on one page.


Every Purchase from 1/2002 to 4/2004: another crazy camera obsession. Who are these people?! {via}

Get in My Belly: a photo log of every meal since 2002. {via}


Lowercase L: blog about the mixing of case involving the letter “L”. Like “HElP ME”. I guess there’s no niche too small that it couldn’t use a blog. {via}


Tie One On: apron blog. Wha?


Suction Cup Museum: showcase of suckiness.


Burt Reynolds and Friends Museum: with that collection, it’s hard to imagine that memberships aren’t soaring. {via}


You Might Be a Yuppie Biker If: yuppies and their Harleys, pshaw.


Back to the Future timelines: holy moly! This article even has inferences about when unseen events might have happened on the timelines. {via}


“A Terrible Pickle”: and song too. Where’s the cheesy, low-production-value comedy songs for those of us who don’t buy into Kyoto?


Bunny Yawns: umm, pictures of rabbits yawning.


Legalize Ferrets: I didn’t even know you could smoke them.


University of Phoenix Sucks: chock full of “insider information” and vitriol. Yum.


10,000 Reasons Why Civilization is Doomed: close to being almost halfway there. Most, as you might expect, aren’t very thoughtful but there’s some gems in there.


No Scruf: a fictitious (I hope) women’s movement that’s premise seems to be “we’re not shaving if you’re not shaving.” I think another good name would have been Swarthy No More, but that’s just me.


The Jill Ann Loew Snow Globe Museum: online “exhibit” featuring hundreds of those crappy little tourist baubles that inevitably leak out half of their water.

[UPDATE: This one‘s mildly amusing and this one is completely disturbing.]


Rubber Sidewalks: made from recycled tires, this concrete sidewalk substitute saves trees. Are concrete sidewalks really causing urban deforestation?


My Crazy Hobby: extensive street sign and traffic light collection. I’m sure there’s crazier out there.

The J! Archive: database of over 60,000 past Jeopardy answers and questions. It’s like the craziest play by play you’ve ever seen.


Lincoln Highway Association: group dedicated to preserving the memory (it’s got to be fading fast) of America’s first interstate highway, which ran from San Francisco to New York City.


Daryl Hannah Love Life: video blog from the actress-turned-nut. I liked her better in Splash.


Little Brown Dress: lady wears the same brown dress for a year (just ended July 7, 2006) as a protest against society’s concern with fashion. I’m guessing she didn’t prevail.