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Glennz Tees: there are some real gems in here.


Loiter: these are some of the best t-shirt designs I’ve seen in awhile.

I Shot The Serif T-Shirts: font puns are great.


mental_floss store: more funny word plays on a garment.


“It’s a Trap”: I would buy this if I wasn’t a recovering Star Wars fan. I’m not ready for a relapse.


Pants Not Found: great t-shirts. I love the Eat Me and Goatse Donuts ones. I’d buy either the Star Trek or Star Wars if they weren’t on backorder.


Rick Roll T-Shirt: this is the best shirt I’ve seen in a while. If anyone wanted to buy it for my upcoming birthday, I wouldn’t mind one bit!


26 More Ridiculously Questionable T-Shirts: no links to buy any, but there’s some funny ones in there.


DespairWear: I love this one and that one and especially this one.


No LOL cat T-shirt: those LOL cats are so demeaning to felines.


“Rub My Belly & Be Destroyed”: this is a common sentiment among all the pregnant women I’ve known. {via}


Electronic Drum Kit Shirt: $29.99 seems like a great deal for this shirt. Be sure to watch the demo. {via}


Please Dress Me: a very-well-done and useful t-shirt search engine.


ShirtsforCoders: these are neat.


Amorphia Apparel: my initial reaction was lackluster, but there’s some real good ones at second glance.


Glennz Tees: they’re well done, but I really like this one. {via}


Tragically Hip Polo Shirt: I like it, it’s very subtle. I know I covered this t-shirt shop before


Crazy Dog T-Shirts: I snorted some Mountain Dew into my nose when I saw Jesus Saves.


Roadkill T-Shirts: wow, what a selection! There’s a sister site but I can’t tell if they’re the same shirts.

Obey the Pure Breed: I can’t believe they don’t have bichon frises or Dalmatians! Enh, mildly amusing even still.


Science!: I like these t-shirts! {via}


Feed Store: clever, simple shirts. Boy has it been a long time since I’ve linked to a t-shirt store. Bubble burst?


Personali-Tees: some funny, some truly tasteless, and some horrible.

The Ryde: surf shirts, if that’s your thing.


Last Exit to Nowhere: t-shirts inspired by movies.


Spoilt: yay! Threadless is reprinting this awesome t-shirt!


Spoilt: boy do I hope they reprint this! {via}


T-Shirt Hub: enh, like a lot of other t-shirt sites.


John Galt Gifts 12 Days of Xmas Sale: A SWEATSHIRT FOR $9.99?!?!? {via}


Tees My Body: the copywriting is horrible and the backstory sounds phony (the guy who suggested it said it was his older sister’s site, uh huh), but what the hell. It’s been awhile since I linked to a t-shirt vendor. {via Jason, the “younger brother”}


Pluto Replies: Pluto doesn’t like what you’ve been saying about him.


I Rock at BASIC: reminds me of my first program. *sniff* {via}


World Record for most t-shirts worn at one time: what the hell! 155 in total. {via}


No Star: there’s a few new designs I’ve never seen before, but this oldie never fails to crack me up.


T-Lists: you pick a category and then enter your top 5 options for it and they make a t-shirt out of it. Ugh, that doesn’t really explain it. Go there and you’ll catch on immediately.


Boyfriend Pillow: the store I previously linked to must have gone out of business. Never content to let things be, I have found you, dear Reader, a new source. (We’re seriously eyeing these toddler shirts. {via}


Left Wing Clothes: for all you libs out there. Left on.


Donkey T’s: what a bunch of asses. Sorry, I couldn’t avoid that. These tees are so funky and fresh that … nah, they’re the same as everywhere else. {via Jamie’s suggestion}


“Bad Grammar Makes Me Sic”: clever.

Amorphia Apparel: enh, a few good ones there.


Jerkass Clothing: with a name like that, expectations are pretty high. Came close.


Antix Clothing: excellent t-shirts. I love the “Who’s Your Daddy” one.


Wry Baby: wow, the second awesome t-shirt store for babies that I’ve found tonight. (A bit overpriced in my opinion.)

Punkster: baby t-shirts. Very cool.

Band Nerd: t-shirts for band geeks.


Random Ass Shirts: maybe I’m just getting older, but I just can’t see anyone ever wearing these in public. Or, rather, I don’t think people should want to wear these in public. They’re funny for a second until you think, “What if I saw one of these in the mall with my daughter or wife?” Decidedly not funny.


Attu-T: horribly named site, though I guess there’s only so much you can do in the t-shirt industry. The suggestion from the site’s owner indicated that “this is not just another t-shirt website” but I beg to differ, sir.


That T-Shirt Site: t-shirt site. *yawn* nothing special.


The Outfitter Shop: home of the “Fred Sucks” t-shirt.


Pre-Pixelated Clothing for Reality TV Shows: I love this! This is the best idea I’ve heard in a long time.


T-Shirt Insanity: YAIRTSS.


Tastee Tees: some funny and offensive t-shirts. It’s amazing: just when I think I’ve seen them all, along comes a site with a hundred more variations on a theme.


Chuck Norris Facts: now on t-shirts. Seriously cool. {via}

SnorgTees: best t-shirts I’ve seen in a long time. I *love* this one.

White Trash Palace: some funny ones here plus a lot of crap.

Dark Side Conservatives: this one seems especially timely.


Brunetto T-shirts: not my style, but pretty funny.

Noisebot: there are some truly excellent t-shirts here. They’re campy but they’re hilarious.


Snorg Tees: there’s some good t-shirts there. I like the “My Other Ride is Your Mom.”


Krudmart: lots of pretention here, but some gems.

Option G: these t-shirts are certainly different, but they strike me as presumptuously campy. It’s not cool to act cool.


IQ Therefore I Am: has t-shirts for investment bankers and lawyers—two real t-shirt wearing bunches, I reckon— and geeks in general, all unified by a common theme: lack of creativity as indicated by the use of Comic Sans. The horror!


Solo Tees: I love the shirt that reads “My real job starts at 5 pm”. I can’t imagine that that’d go over well at work, but good luck with that. {via}

One Horse Shy: ahh, some freshness in the space. Funny, well-designed t-shirts.


Allison’s Assorted Flavors: I love the “Student Pedestrian” onesie.


Those Shirts: I love the “Commies Aren’t Cool” shirts with Che Guevara on them. Oops, the rest of the shirts are lunacy. {via}


I See France: wonderfully named site selling underbritches.


Google Blogoscoped: it’s been awhile since I’ve seen a good, new t-shirt shop. I really like the “PageRank 10” shirt.


Baby Geek Boutique: I love these! So many are true, funny, and very true.


ThinkGeek “STFU University”: I love that the Latin means “Stop Talking Now.”

Snazzytown: ironic t-shirts aplenty.

That’s My Shirt: there’s some good stuff there. Plenty of exploring. Love the Under $12 category.


Angry Shirts: currently having a $10 shirt sale. There’s a couple of real gems there like “The Internet is a fad.” and “Infidel”.


Mr. Chips Tees: there’s some really good ones there. I like “Assassins Do It From Behind”.


Broodwear: another promising t-shirt shop. Two shirts at present and they’re both pretty good.

A Piece of Shirt: fledgling t-shirt shop that looks promising.


Login to Me: ho hum, lots of not-so-subtle innuendo and things that might have been clever if this was the first t-shirt shop I’d been exposed to.


Gorilla T-Shirt: wow, those are some really distasteful shirts. Sadly, I see people wearing these sorts of shirts in public all too often.


“GTA Made Me Do It”: funny and topical.

Test Tube T-Shirts: there’s not too much there right now, but that’ll likely change if you go buy stuff. What’s there is hilarious: “Resistance is Futile” and “I find your lack of capacitance disturbing” are certainly good starts.

John Galt Gifts: cool Objectivist wear. This decal is easily the most obscure thing there, though “Vote No on Directive 10-289” t-shirt is awfully close.


Sinful Shirts: here’s how I imagine this site came about. “ looks like it’s doing pretty well.” “ They’re sissies. I bet people would buy even more offensive shirts.” “More offensive than Is that possible?” “Let’s try.” And there you have it.


“Operation Needed”: ooo, me likey.

iPod My Baby: a iPod-themed onesie for your child. {via}


Deez Teez: ahh, it’s been awhile since I’ve run across a really offensive t-shirt seller.


Wild Rose Tattoo Shirts: at $75 a pop, they may be cheaper than actually getting all those tattoos.


Robot Cow: there’s some good ones in there.


Non-Zero Chance: cool t-shirts, including “I’m not your damn search engine” and “I don’t like your ringtone”.


Abercrombie & Fitch Tees: for men, for women. Expensive.

Team Naked Ferrets!: for all you triathletes out there—definitely not me.

Dumbeldore Dies on Page 596: an awesome t-shirt from T-Shirt Hell. I’m still chuckling.

Reckon: t-shirts with famous faces on them. My favorites are the Christopher Walken and Bill Murray ones, but I think the Buster Keaton shirt would be a nice obscure one as well.

Freakshop: huge t-shirt shop with reasonable pricing.

7/28/2005 I <3 the “I ج Unicode” shirt. {via}


Trippin Trees: these are some great t-shirts.


Dive into Schwag: one shirt style, but a funny one.


CafePress Humor: lots of funny t-shirts here.


Attitude Wear: yeah, totally in-your-face t-shirts. Uh huh, solid colors with white or black text. If you’ve seen one of these shops, you’ve seen them all.


Falooba: there’s some good shirts here. I like this one.


T-Shirts from The Onion: I love this one and this one. “Area Man” is funny too, but very Onion-centric.