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WordPress for iPhone: that hyperlink was a bitch to enter. I don’t see this being sustainable for a linkblog.


Press This: can I set this as my default write page? Please? Each release of WordPress drifts further and further away from simplicity.


4,000: two posts ago was the 4,000th entry for this blog. It seems like only yesterday I was publishing my 3,000th. This batch of 1,000 took 1 year and 8 months, up about 6 months. 5,000 posts, here I come!


WordPress 2.5: I’ve upgraded and there are certain things I like, but much I absolutely don’t. Categories beneath the post: idiotic. Auto-saving draft: annoying as I often hit publish only to find out that it was in the middle of saving a draft and so I’ve got a draft to delete. Scrolling within categories: ridiculous. Navigationitis: irritating as it seriously clutters up the interface. The previous admin interface was no great shakes but this is awful.


New Found on the Web Feed: I decided to give FeedBurner a try. I’m always interested in supporting the mom-and-pop Internet businesses. Anyone object?


Found on the Web – 11/2001: can you believe I’ve been doing this site for six years? And I guarantee none of you were readers back then since it used to be a part of my retail ceramics studio’s Web site. Yep, this blog had its origins in paint-your-own pottery—I was a business blogger from way back.


Sorry for the sparse posting schedule lately. Work’s been very hectic but it should be better now.


Meta: it’d be neat if you could plot out daily entry volume against my life events. I would think there’d be an inverse relationship, but what if there wasn’t? What if I posted more the busier I was IRL?


Sea World California: no posting next week. May I suggest what Google calls similar sites?


Found on the Web Link Blog: I’ve added my linkroll to the sidebar so I can list things I’m finding but not necessarily sharing. Warning: it’s got a high idiosyncratic ratio.

1/28/2007 my wife’s newest business venture (let’s hope this one does better) is all about affordable, lovely bead jewelry. Get yourself something nice while doing me a solid as they say!


Found on the Web – Search for “interesting”: wow, I use the word “interesting” in 106 entries. Well, 107 after this one. Crutch?


This entry represents the 3,000th one I’ve made. It took me 1 year, 1 month, and 28 days to post the last 1,000. Not too shabby for one guy with a full-time job and a family.


Google Search for “oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo”: I own this search! Suck it, Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral!

[UPDATE (10/1/2008): Attention searchers, please leave a comment about why you were searching for “oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo” and what you hoped to find. I’d appreciate it very much.]


International Talk Like a Pirate Day: in case ye be wonderin’ what in Davey Jones’ locker be goin’ on. Thanks be to Dougal for the landlubber’s Text Filter Suite that made this possible. Time for grog, arrrrr.


I’m going to take a little blog vacation while my wife recuperates from some surgery. It’ll be through the rest of this week.


Google AdSense Reviewed: okay, I need in on that so I’ve moved the ad up 3,700 pixels.


We’ve got ads now. I wanted to see what this whole AdSense thing was all about so I signed up. Unfortunately, Google’s pretty strict about getting ads on the sites once you’ve enrolled so I had to do something. If you’re interested, scroll about 4,000 pixels down and it’s on the sidebar. I think ads and the color they’d bring would be too disruptive further up.

Found is currently experiencing an onslaught of comment spam (easily 250 or more per day). I used to dutifully look for false positives, but no more. Zip, they’re gone. If you want your comment to appear, don’t include a link—that will automatically put it in the moderation queue.


Been busy. Last week was hella, this week better. Updates as I get back into my linky groove.


#3 for ‘Slutty Clothes’: it never ceases to fill me with glee that my post about this slutty clothes vendor is ranked number 3 and my number one search query bar none.


Hyatt Valencia: I’ll be off on vacation from March 27th through March 31st. I may post, but I probably won’t. You’ll have to get your fix somewhere else.


Suggest a Site: I’ve added a contact form so that you people can recommend weird sites you’ve found on the web. I’ll credit you with a {via} link and you can enjoy the Google Juice.


Finally got my iBook G4—affectionately called Whitey—back from Apple so I can work on restoring Found on the Web to its non-Kubrickian minimalism.


WordPress 2.0: with the release of WordPress 2.0, I’ve decided to upgrade the Found on the Web installation from 1.2. Let’s just say that you may be seeing Kubrick for awhile.


Entries were sporadic as we deployed the new blogging engine I was developing at Go Daddy. It’s out there in the world, so I should resume normal posting levels.


Sorry about the outage today. My host, Dreamhost, gives me free registration for this domain but didn’t set it for auto-renewal. It expired yesterday and I wasn’t aware of that until I tried to craft a post. Then their support guy told me that the free registration was only for the first year, which wasn’t true. The morale of the story: trust but verify support people.


I’m entering crunch time on a project at work, so entries will be sparse for the next week or so. Sorry, but it’s going to be tough on me too. I can only imagine the thousands of entries waiting for me in Bloglines.


This entry marks another milestone in the history of Found on the Web. This is the 2,000th entry! What started out as a funny little adjunct to my retail ceramic studio’s web site has blossomed into a huge resource of interesting things. In case you hadn’t noticed from the rest of the site, I’m not big on pomp and circumstance so I don’t really know how to commemorate the occasion. Uhh, thanks for reading. I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing.


Feeds are the New RSS: as a publisher, I concur. You won’t see the word RSS anywhere here. Well, except about six words ago.


As noted on bblog, I’m going to be busy this week so there probably won’t be any new updates. I say probably because I will have very limited surf time.


For any Lord of the Rings fans out there, here’s some map thingy. I’ve never seen the movies, read the books, or even cared to but Larry seemed to think you guys would like it.

Of course, he won’t actually become a member of the Found on the Web crew because he thinks he’s better than me. So I have to be your Larry Salzman conduit. Luckily, I only select the really good stuff: I passed on his suggestion that I post a link to this article about how Canada’s health care system is pushing subpar ganja. So maybe it’s better that he not get involved. Heh.


Sorry about the lack of postings, I’ve been very busy keeping up with the recent developments at Apple regarding the new iMac. Painting in the Park and its owners are way into Macs (though not as much as their webmaster).


I apologize for the sporadic postings this weekend. I’ve been pretty sick and surfing the Web has not been foremost on my mind. I’m still sick, but I’ll try to put something up.


I apologize for Saturday and Sunday’s site outage. Our hosting provider decided to move the servers across two states without notifying us. Don’t worry, we’re looking to re-locate our site to another, more reliable host.Everyone’s familiar with the events of September 11th. One of the people who perished in the tragedy was Bill Biggart, a photojournalist who was taking pictures at the scene. Amazingly, his digital camera was recently recovered and its images downloaded. Click on the small pictures section if you’ve got a slow connection or the large pictures section if you’ve got a cable connection or DSL.The pictures aren’t nearly as incredible as the story behind them.