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Everybody Dance Now: this is so impressive to me given that it’s just using statistical analysis at its core. {via}


The Ultimate Headphones Test: I did the binaural test at home alone while sitting in my favorite chair. I hadn’t read the nature of the test and seriously thought someone was in my backyard. PHEW! (Incidentally, the RBH EP2‘s are some seriously awesome in-ear headphones.)


Stargate Studios Virtual Backlot Reel 2009: it is astounding what they can do with green screens. There were a couple in there that I had previously thought were actually on location. {via}


Geek Gang Signs: I have to wonder how many people are flashing Erlang.


Awkward Suggestions: no one lies to a search box. Very fascinating. {via}

Pile o’ Otter Babies: this is for You Know Who You Are (though you’ve probably already seen this).

Fail-a-thon: oh this is terrible. So terrible. And a little funny.


Washing Machine Emulator: it looks like a port of an Atari 2600 cartridge, but it’s probably the best laundry simulator out there. Well, maybe the new beta version is a little better but it doesn’t mess with the basic formula that made the original so delightful.


Fancy Fast Food: reconstructing fast food into prettier forms. The photographs of the intervening steps are very disconcerting.


50 Beautiful Examples of Tilt-Shift Photography: it’s like scenes from a model train world.


SQL Putdowns on Twitter: “Your momma is so nasty the only relationship she knows is one to many” Oh snap! {via}


Open Clip: a compelling copy-paste framework for the iPhone that seems very well thought out. I’m still digging into the specifics of the library though.


back scratching: luckily, my wife and I are pretty in sync in leading each other around the back. After reading this entry, my first thoughts ran to a similar scene in So I Married an Axe Murderer.


R2D2 and C3P0 in Indiana Jones Movie: that’s seriously cool!


How To Teach a Healthy Dose of Skepticism?: I can agree with some of the commenters about reading pseudo-science debunkings. They certainly had a big influence in my childhood.


“If Lee Had Not Won the Battle of Gettysburg” by Winston Churchill: nutshell: World War I probably would have went the other way. {via}

Fish ‘N’ Flush: an aquarium made into a fully-functional toilet. The only surprising thing is why this didn’t exist before. {via}


Izola Shower Curtains: nice. I doubt it would go with many bathrooms, but who cares.


New Hancock First Look: another trailer for Hancock. This one really expands on the first one and I’m a little more excited about the film.


Governor Romney’s Religious Speech Today: *sigh* if there’s one thing that would make conservatives embrace a Mormon, it’s the specter of atheism and “secularism.” It never ceases to astound me how close fundamentalist Christianity is to fundamentalist Islam. (Run-of-the-mill Christianity tends to milquetoast church-on-Sunday in my experience. I have zero experience with average Islam.) {via}


Batman Begins: I can’t wait.

Headvertise: you pay to wear advertisements on your clothing, why not get paid to wear advertisements on your forehead?

Black Ships and Samurai: an online exhibit of the meeting between Commodore Perry and the Japanese in 1853.


Drat! The Darwin Awards lost a potential nominee today. [From a great show and blog, Best Week Ever]

World’s Largest Collection of the World’s Smallest Versions of the World’s Largest Things Traveling Roadside Attraction and Museum: the most amazing thing is that they fit all of that on the van.


I wonder if the parishoners titter constantly.


Computer pranks: enjoy!

Egads! What a monstrosity.


Like the look of tattooed arms but hate the thought of all that pain? Me neither, but I could probably scare the pants of anyone I know by buying one of these shirts.

The latest from the singing kittens: I’m Glad That I’m Not Soluble.


If there was an award for the most graphic natural mutation (the Darwin Awards?), this little fella would easily win—six hands down!

Live from Mars, the rovers have their own journals!

The VW Bug Vest: a coat of many colors?


To each their own, I suppose.


So you wanna be like Shatner, eh?

Ewok song lyrics: now I can sing along.

Funny porn-ish links: accidental video game porn and safe for work porn.


Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I got my submissions accepted over at!


Raging Fred: Flintstones video with Raging Bull audio.

Packrat Mama: I wouldn’t have believed it were it not so thoroughly documented with pictures.


It’s the Parasite Pals starring Holly Hostess and the cutest tapeworm you ever saw, Tickles!


GumBlondes: pictures of blondes made using gum. Uhh.

2/14/2004 look at those boobies!

SuperHandz: the site for extreme hand sports.

National Forum on People’s Differences: great place to ask why white people are assumed to not want BBQ sauce, why some people enjoy golden showers, or what do tennis shoes hanging from overhead wires signify?

Comic-Book Guy Heaven: Nitpickers, MovieMistakes, and movie physics.

Why is David Hasselhoff not so popular in the U.S.?


Lost in Translation: see your English drawn, quartered, dismembered, and set afire.

Flip Flop Socks: why not?

NADD: Nerd Attention Deficit Disorder.

The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity: nice illustrations.


Funny turnpike toll prank.


Snowman Porn: not safe for work, by the way—though I don’t know exactly how explicit frozen rain can be.

[UPDATE (2/10/04): Other inanimate object porn: gummy bears and LEGOs.]

Sweet Jesus, I Hate Bill O’Reilly: daily analysis of Bill O’Reilly’s talking points.

For the lawyers out there (Larry: are you reading this?): the worst terms of service evar. It’s 21,000 words long and it’s for a freaking museum web site! Here’s a direct link to the bizarre user agreement.

[UPDATE (2/10/04): In related news, here’s the universal disclaimer.]


Beeotch has some entertaining rants about celebrity up. The place to go when you got nothing in the divorce but you need lots of stuff.


If you’re going to insist on giving me some feedback about my driving, please do it properly.

Survivor as a comic: a helpful distillation of Survivor’s funnier moments.


HugeURL: Turn this into this.

Funny exposition on the lamentable state of German toilets: favorite line had to be “The only conceivable explanation is that Germans love to inspect their stool, so the German toilet of necessity features a built-in stool inspection shelf. I wouldn’t be surprised if the more expensive models include a digital scale: “Mein Gott, zwei kilogram!” exclaims Günter, joyful and relieved.”


As a Phoenician, snow is that thing that we get every five to ten years that melts almost as quickly as it lands. You can’t make snowmen out of it and you can’t do any urinary calligraphy either. That’s why I love the Internet: someone’s addressed the latter.

I knew that there were a lot of niches in software these days, but I didn’t imagine that it went this far. Who needs software to raise pigeons? The flying rats seem to propagate quite well in the wild with no intervention.


Apparently, Jesus is available and ready for a soak. If you’re looking for things to do with him, he likes shopping for Porsches and walks in the park.

Babies with Beards: finally their plight has been told.


This isn’t your father’s Slim-Jim!

Skeedaddlehoppers: where can I buy one!

Free After Rebate: I love these things!

IKEA as RPG: can’t wait for IKEA to come to town this fall.


Glossary of Car Salesman Jargon: what slimeballs!

Table of Condiments that Periodically Go Bad: useful.


Create-your-own British bum: I’d start dressing him pretty quick—the first image is haunting.


The original SimCity online, free, and Windows-only. Guess I’ll have to wait for a break at work. 🙁


Freehand drawings of cartoon characters by amateurs. The Snoopy ones aren’t half bad.

YAMS: The Meatrix.

1/16/2004 I love the tagline “a chronicle of bad conversions and storefronts past” and that some of the conversions are in Phoenix.

Haven’t these guys ever heard of shrinkage?

Neat illustration of scale.


Generic rap song: all the content with none of the flava.

It was only a matter of time before someone figured out how to capitalize on the craziness of spotting religious figures in everyday objects:

Meet Erica Jackson


MyPetFat: like a pet rock, only it’s fat.

Exhibition of miniature books: if someone would produce this book in the small, I might finally finish it! Of course, it would probably be about six to eight inches thick—reducing its pocket carryability.


50 out of Joseph Stalin’s 63 film appearances were after his death and were uncredited. I hope his estate’s got some good lawyers! (NOTE: It could be worse: Hitler had 192 film appearances after his death. He didn’t leave any surviving heirs, though.)

Here’s an interesting page of panoramic pictures of entire trains taken with a slit camera. The first link goes to a page in Japanese—just click on the trains to see the panoramics—and the second has an explanation of the technique in English.


Public domain books about California


I’m not sure what to make of this site listing the entrances to Hell in England.

Jean-Antoine Houdon: Sculptor of the Enlightenment. Exhibit at the Getty.


Two studies in celebrity asymmetry: Shannen Doherty’s freakish off-kilter eye and Tom Cruise’s off-center tooth.


The Case for Cannibalism: wha? I had not heard of this, which I’m glad about, but apparently it’s for real.

[UPDATE (1/27/04): Here’s everything you never wanted to know about the case.]


Testicle Theater: it should go without saying that plays featuring male gonads as actors aren’t safe for work, but I’ll say it anyway for the slow-witted.

Here’s the canonical list of year-end lists for 2003.

Scene by scene analysis of Star Wars: obsession can be so fascinating.

Interesting experiment with brand awareness where they asked people to draw the logos of famous corporations from memory.


Does your child look befuddled when you put him or her on your knee and play horsey because of a lack of imagination? Then you need Po-Knee.


Gollum raps.


I know a history professor at ASU that this story could be about.


If only I had found this site a week ago, I would have had a much funnier Christmas.


How is Santa Claus Coming to Town?: a consideration of the immigration and legal issues of Santa Claus’ annual visit to America.

Grown Up Soda: not just “colored sugar water”